When Fitness Fights Breast Cancer: 7 Inspiring Stories

Lisa N breast cancer survivor

In many ways, fitness can be medicine, and our inspiring members are living proof. During Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the other eleven months of the year, we salute and support you!

Lisa N. from Canton, OH

It was time when… “I couldn’t fit in all my clothes.”

“I joined Anytime Fitness several years ago. I managed to get to a great weight and felt healthy. Unfortunately in July of 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy with reconstruction as well as chemotherapy. Throughout this time I continued to go to the gym at least 3x a week just to keep my spirits up and keep me sane. The staff and my workout buddies were incredibly supportive and I couldn’t have made it through my treatment without this one constant in my life. I am now cancer free and my daughter and I are working with a trainer. This makes us feel terrific.”

Wendy B. from North Branch, MN

Wendy breast cancer survivorIt was time when… “I hit my all time high weight 16 years after my youngest was born.”

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer one month after finding my favorite Zumba class in North Branch. Luckily I needed a partial masectomy and radiation so I only missed a month of classes. My coach, Kathy McClosky, was so nice she checked in on me during that time away. She is so sweet and really cares. I have two more surgeries, hysterctomy and bi-lateral mastectomy due to genetic hereditary cancer. But love that I am in good shape to endure the surgery!”

Terry F breast cancer supporter

Terry F. from Groton, MA

It was time when… “My wife came home with the news that she had breast cancer. I had to be there for her.”

“I had gone to schedule bariatric surgery, and started to diet for that. I started to lose a few pounds, and I remembered that underneath the pounds was the rugby player I was for 20 years. I started to eat better, but working out alone I wasn’t motivated. My son and I drive past the Anytime Fitness in Groton, and he (13) said he would go with me there. So we went in, me feeling nervous (no big person wants to be seen at a gym). The manager was awesome, and I felt right at home. Pounds started to drop. Now I can run for miles and am down 88 pounds. Anytime fitness is most of the reason why.”

Lisa P breast cancer survivor

Lisa P. from Adel, GA

“I knew it was time when I needed to get my strength back and change my attitude.”

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2007, with 1&1/2 years of chemotherapy and 54 pounds heavier …. I started walking and everything I could think of to not only for my physical appearance but mental health… December of 2013 a new Anytime Fitness came to our small town and I was ecstatic … No one in my family was interested but me, so I joined knowing that I had to make a difference in my life… I’m am 58 pounds lighter , so I dropped 4 extra pounds.. Yay, but the most important part is that I got my life back.”

Kim D breast cancer survivor

Kim D. from Woodbury, MN

It was time when… “The lymphedema started acting up after my bilateral mastectomy from breast cancer.”

“Three different doctors told me exercise and losing weight were the best defense against lymphedema so I joined and was doing great until my mom got sick in May. She passed away in June and I got married August 1 so it’s time to start back at it because I can tell my arm and chest is swelling up again just from a short hiatus. From when I started to when life interrupted my workouts my lymphedema numbers dropped dramatically to the point I didn’t have to see a physical therapist anymore!”

Jessica S breast cancer survivor

Jessica S. from Hermantown, MN

It was time when… “When I saw a body I’ve fought so hard to stay alive getting overweight.”

“I decided to join because I have survived invasive breastfeeding cancer and overcame the physical rehab of a shattered pelvis and now I need to keep this body that I have fought so hard to keep alive in top condition. If I don’t keep healthy and fit then all the battles I fought before are for nothing. Life is a challenge and I am up for another victory!”

Cheryl A. from Murrysville, PA

Cheryl breast cancer survivorIt was time when… “I started to gain weight while taking prescribed medication.”

“My husband and I decided to join Anytime Fitness to lose weight. I wanted to slim down for my wedding day along with getting fit. Brian Wayman was my first trainer. Through Brian’s knowledge and understanding of my goals, I have been able to meet and exceed those goals. His knowledge of nutrition was very instrumental in my getting my weight under control. Four years ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 Breast Cancer, I had 2 Lumpectomy surgeries along with radiation and medication. My eating habits where out of control. Joining Anytime Fitness has been so rewarding to me. I encourage everyone to join!!”

Learn about breast cancer detection, support, and more at nationalbreastcancer.org.

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