Weekend Reading: 6 Great Wellness Articles You’ll Love


Coca-Cola and Pepsi Removing Controversial BVO Ingredient from the Verge

Finally! There are other ingredients that should probably go, too, but Coca-Cola and PepsiCo announced that within a year BVO will be removed.

BVO is apparently far from a necessity though: it reportedly isn’t approved for use in the European Union or Japan, and Coca-Cola has said that it’ll be able to replace it with sucrose acetate isobutyrate and glycerol ester of rosin — ingredients that are no more kindly named, but already being used in drinks and chewing gum.


Clean Eating Grilled Fish Tacos from Eating Bird Food

Image from Eating Bird Food

Eating clean is great, and Brit from Eating Bird Food gets it. This fish taco recipe is chock full of nutrients and vitamins needed to live a healthy life…plus, it tastes great! Two tacos = 37 grams of protein! Double AWESOME!


Recipe: Protein Bites from Thyme is Honey

Image by Thyme is Honey

Image by Thyme is Honey

Dani, from Thyme is Honey, gives us a healthy protein ball recipe. This healthy snack has no added sugars plus brings in some good sources of vitamin C!


5 Tips to Ensure Good Health from Grit by Brit

Overeating may result temporary satisfaction, but it ultimately leads to sickness, obesity and even depression.

Instead of overeating, try using some of Brit’s tips for ensuring good health. You (and your body) will be glad you did!


How serious is your relationship with your farmers market? from Well and Good NYC

I love a good deal. And there are plenty of them on healthy produce at your local farmers market! Check which stage of the relationship you are in with your local market and how to step it up a notch.


Is Stress Sabotaging Your Health and Fitness Goals? from Your Trainer Paige

Stress is an evil thing, and it can really wreak havoc on your body. Discover some of the signs that you’re stressing and how to combat them to get back on track with your wellness goals.

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