Be the Ultimate Fan with These Fun & Funny Cheering Signs

marathon runners

Not everyone is meant to run more than 26 miles at a pop or crawl around in the mud and jump over fire; but anyone can sure stand on the sidelines and cheer others on! Take your fandom up a notch by getting creative with your cheering signs and providing some humorous encouragement for those toiling away.

We have 10 ideas to get you started. You can download and print them right here! Cheer on.

Great Job Random Stranger Sign

Download Random Stranger Sign

Some Girls Chase Boys, You Pass 'Em

Download Pass 'Em Sign

You're Beating Everyone Behind You

Download Beating Everyone Sign

Where Are You All Going?

Download Where Are You Going Sign

Smile If You Peed A Little

Download Smile Sign

Pain Now, Beer Later

Download Beer Sign

Chafe Now, Brag Forever

Download Brag Sign

Sweat is Sexy

Download Sweat Sign

You Legs Will Forgive You Eventually

Download Legs Sign

I Heard There's Cupcakes At The Finish

Download Cupcakes Sign

Way to get out there and support others!

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