The Big Game Fitness Challenge


Football and food reign supreme on during the big game this coming Sunday. According to the USDA, the average American consumes 2,000 calories in just three hours during the super bowl!

Turn the usually-spectator sport into a game of your own with a fun twist on watching the Big Game!

This workout game will have you on the edge of your seat. Play along the entire 3 hours, and we promise your pants won’t be quite as tight when you head back to work.

Memorize the ‘plays’ on the left and each time the Super Bowl situation comes up, perform the exercise on the right. If it’s as good a game as we think it’ll be, you might not be sitting down much! Don’t forget to share your progress on social media using the hashtag: #TheBigGameWorkout


Your Turn: What’s your all-time favorite big game commercial?

Share in the comments below!

Image credit: Forbes

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Shannon Fable, 2013 IDEA and 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year, is the Director of Exercise Programming for the Anytime Fitness franchise and certified in personal training (ACE) and group fitness. With nearly 20 years in the industry, Fable is an international presenter and education development team member for Schwinn® and BOSU®, a freelance fitness writer, member of the ACE Board of Directors, and has starred in over 25 fitness and management DVDs. Shannon is a certified health coach and Book Yourself Solid® Business Coach interested in helping fitness professionals navigate the industry and find their place. Additionally, she owns both Balletone® and GroupEx Pro®.