Member Advice: Best Tips On Losing Weight

What’s your best advice for losing weight?

We asked. You answered. Our community shared personal advice on how they’ve been successful shedding off the pounds. Their weight loss tips covered nutrition, exercise, incentive-based goals, and also included a wide array of fun quirky feedback. Here’s what they had to say!



  • Keep a food journal. If you bite it, write it! ~ Connie A.
  • Lift weights. It forces your body to use up stored energy to feed the broken muscles that need repairing. ~ Hesed B.
  • My advice is to not cut out the foods you love entirely. Just practice moderation. This tip has truly made all the difference in not only losing weight but keeping it off as well. ~ Katie H.
  • Have continuous goals whether they be big or small-always be pushing for something. ~ Tad B.
  • Train hard. Watch what you eat. Smile and have fun in the gym. ~ Jason P.
  • It’s 75% diet and 25% physical workouts. Just cut out anything processed, salt, sugar, fried foods, soft drinks, and coffee. The hard part is being disciplined. Get past the first week of eating healthy and you’ll be on your way to loosening that belt. ~ Smajo H.
  • Get a trainer that loves their job. I have a great trainer that pushes, supports, and encourages me. ~ Jessica B.
  • Be sure to keep track of everything you eat. Walk walk walk and get a fitness band to track your workout. Set small goals so you don’t get frustrated. Keep with it because you won’t be fit overnight. I’m almost down 100 pounds and let me tell you it’s a long process but I feel so much better. ~ Ron S.
  • Cut out processed foods… and exercise! ~ Brenda G.
  • The main thing is smaller portions. I still ate what I wanted but instead of 2 plates I just ate 1 plate. I lost 45 pounds in a short time and I was 40 years old. ~ Steve R.
  • Drink water and eat HEALTHY. You can’t out train a bad diet. ~ Maricela R.
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