Fitness Plan

Kick Off Fall with a New Fitness Goal

A change of season & routines is a great time to set a new fitness goal—and make a plan! Check out our structured fitness plans to see what’s right for you.

summer watermelon

Summer Wellness Challenge

Every step is progress! Tackle this wellness challenge filled with daily tasks to focus on your overall health and strengthen your mind, body & spirit.

Spring Break Body Fitness Plan

Believe it: Spring break is about 8 weeks away. Use this fitness plan to slowly sculpt a body that is ready for whatever fun in the sun you have planned!

Beginner 5K Training Plan

Beginner 6-Week 5K Training Plan

Setting a goal, like booking a race, is a great way to get motivated! This beginner 5K training plan helps you get in shape and ready for your race in just 6 weeks.