Success Story: It’s How We Handle Life That Matters

Carma Lifting

You know you’ve committed to a fit lifestyle when you spread the “healthy word” and recruit others to join your gym. When you start training people. When life’s setbacks actually push you toward new health and wellness goals, not away.

Carma Cameron hasn’t always been physically strong and personally confident.

In fact, she felt compelled to lose 50 pounds on her own, before ever joining a gym. She began walking and doing exercise videos at home, and then decided she was ready for more. That brought her to Anytime Fitness in Wylie, Tex., and a very special mentor.

Carma_med“Joining the gym and meeting Stephen Perkins changed my life. His joy and energy made me want to be at the gym every day. He became my Anytime Fitness cheerleader. He motivates me, lifts me up, and encourages me to do more.”

That joy led to greater weight loss and lots of learning about strength training, fat loss, and healthier living. As a teacher, Carma couldn’t wait to brainstorm with the school nurse about ways they could share these lessons with the kids. And she found so much satisfaction in helping herself and others, she decided to become certified as a personal trainer herself.

Carma first submitted her #MyAnytimeStory and photos in 2014, sharing, “I am now a very fit and muscular 160 pounds and I love my new lifestyle.” Many dress sizes down and full of energy and purpose, her transformation was clearly physical and mental. Thankfully, this healthy base stuck with her as life waged on and she soon faced one of the hardest years of her life.

Carma’s mother was battling breast cancer, and her health soon took a terrible turn. Carma spent her mother’s final months caring, loving, and supporting her as much as possible, while sneaking in some running, walking, and lifting for her own health.

“This has been a tough year to stay motivated, but I have managed to keep it going.”

In their mother’s honor, Carma and her sister completed the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk for breast cancer for the second time last fall. And although devastated by the loss, she’s doing her best to push forward, focusing on getting her own health back on track, while supporting her clients and children.

And that’s not all! Carma is getting certified to teach physical education, and plans to teach middle and junior high students how to take care of their health and bodies. She also wants to get certified in flexibility and senior training.

Fitness is no longer an option, or activity for Carma; it’s a lifestyle. And she intends to keep on spreading its positive effects regardless of what comes next.

“Life happens, no matter what. It’s how we handle life that matters.”

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