Success Story: Distressed Groomsman to Confident Groom

Chris Allen Wedding Photo

Chris Allen never pictured himself proposing at an Anytime Fitness gym. But it’s remarkable where life takes you. For Chris, massive improvements in health and happiness stemmed from his newfound community.

Chris was a college baseball player, immersed in training and guidance. After graduating and getting caught up in “the [not-so-]good life” of a young adult with perhaps too much freedom, Chris saw his weight and confidence dramatically slip. Like many with a phenomenal #MyAnytimeStory, there’s a distinct turning point.

He knew it was time when: “I had been in more than a dozen weddings and didn’t like how I looked in many of the pictures. I finally said enough is enough.”

Chris Allen ProposalChris joined the Anytime Fitness in Franklin, Indiana, and with the help of the club manager and trainers, he learned how to train properly and battle his even bigger challenge in the kitchen.

Quality of life improvements soon reached far beyond the scale—though 70 lbs. lost and a new wardrobe to match it certainly felt wonderful! Chris made new friends at the gym, accomplished great feats like completing a Tough Mudder, and most life-changing of all, met the love of his life. Ashley was an Anytime Fitness member as well, and now is his lifelong workout buddy.

With the help of fellow gym members, Chris actually got down on one knee in front of the chalkboard wall, and he eventually walked down the aisle with his bride. Finally, being in front of the camera in a tux was comfortable for Chris.

He is now building strength, working out 5 or 6 days a week, playing lots of softball and golf, and hopes to root on his wife in a fitness competition. Maintaining a work, gym, and new husband-life balance can be hard, but Chris knows it’s a worthwhile struggle, with continual potential for new goals.

“I try to always remember that you can’t out-train a bad diet. And I think about how even a little progress is better than none at all.” We agree!

Chris Allen Before   Chris Allen AfterChris Allen and Wife

“This place got me healthy, got my self-esteem up, got me friends and got me to meet the most important person in my life. I could pay less money and go to a different gym, but it wouldn’t have the impact on my life like the Franklin, Indiana Anytime Fitness has.”

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