Success Stories: When Fitness Leads to Less Medication!

Ann G Success Story

We’ve heard time and again that increasing activity levels can do wonders for our bodies and overall health. These six amazing Anytime Fitness members, who have reduced or totally dropped their medication during their #MyAnytimeStory journey, are living proof that hard work pays off!

Ann G. from Northwood, NH

I knew it was time when… “I could no longer walk from my bed to my bathroom due to being morbidly obese.”

“I now try to run for those who can not. I still live with my pain and my heart issue but I manage it and meet with my doctor to be sure I am living a healthy life. My blood pressure and resting heart rate have come down. I was able to cut my heart medication in half. All my blood levels are now within normal ranges too. … AF Fitness and the staff have shown me that fitness and health can be fun and that you can make the change but really it is all up to us and we have to ask for the help.”

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Louise R. from Greenwood, SC

I knew it was time when… “I looked at my daily meds and it looked like I was taking a handful of skittles.”

Louise R success story

“I did a boot camp and could barely run. By the end of the course, I ran! When under stress, the first thing I would do is reach for food. Now I go to Anytime or go for a walk. It’s a change in lifestyle and I love it!”

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Dean W. from Noblesville, IN

I knew it was time when… “My wife was diagnosed with diabetes.”

Dean success story

“We are both off medications and she has lost over 50 pounds (30 for me) in six months. At age 63 I am running three miles at a 7.5 minute pace and continually seeing improvement in speed and distance.”

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Florence, S. from Leesburg, FL

I knew it was time when… “My primary physician wanted to start me on high blood pressure meds.”

Florence S. success story

“I requested him to give me a couple of months before medication. I made a decision to get healthy. The first thing I did was join Anytime Fitness. I felt welcome and the ladies were so inclusive.”

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Karen Shogren from San Tan Valley, AZ

“My doctor told me my diabetes was bad, I had high cholesterol, and was on the verge of kidney failure.”

Karen S. success story

“I’ve stuck to exercising and have lost 140 pounds since starting. I used to spend over $300 a month on medications and now I only spend $35 every three months. Kidney function is normal, cholesterol is normal, and my diabetes is now controlled. I’ve taken up hiking and still Zumba with Wendy and Cody every weeknight.”

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Ron E. from Lebanon, PA

“I made a promise to my dad before he died to start taking better care of myself.”

Ron E. success story

“I started with 30 min sessions 2-3 times per week. Now I do hour or longer workouts 5-7 days a week. I have lost around 160 lbs so far and I am off all my medications, including my insulin shots. I am able to do things now I thought would never be possible again. Anytime Fitness and personal trainer Chrissy Peffley have truly given my life back to me.”

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