Success Stories: Anytime Fitness Members Say Yes!

It was National Donut Day last weekend. And there’s Fudge Day, Fried Chicken Day, and many more silly, significant, or downright random “holidays.” If we can get behind any of those (yes, I sought out a donut), we can support this Saturday’s Global Wellness Day (June 13, 2015).

This health-oriented campaign was started in Turkey with the goal of driving world-wide awareness for what choices we can each make to lead healthier and happier lives. The task is to stop and reflect on your life and habits, from the physical and nutritional to spiritual well-being, and make at least one change. Many Anytime Fitness members know all too well what a single day or realization can mean for the rest of their lives.

AF_AngelaAngela from Fitchburg, WI is a sexual abuse survivor who spent years trying to hide and make herself unattractive. That led to poor blood pressure and body weight. One day at work she saw a flyer for a free six-week weight loss challenge at Anytime, and despite massive hesitation, she signed up!

“I fought the fright, insecurity, excuses, and down-right nausea, and went into the first gym I had ever been in. Once inside, I found not ridicule and judgement, but support and exuberance at my desire to improve myself.”

She now embraces life and recognizes a hugely positive shift in her personality from quiet to personable.

AF_scottScott from Seattle, WA was 37, overweight, with crazy high blood pressure and cholesterol.

“I was dying. It was time to really take action and change my life. It was time to start exercising.”

He took control and joined Anytime Fitness. In nine months he was down 45 pounds, five pants sizes, and his cholesterol and blood pressure were totally in check!


AF_TammyTammy from Calgary, AB chose to join Anytime Fitness to fight depression. It wasn’t about weight loss, but instead, a journey toward a happier and higher quality of life. One specific day she decided “enough was enough,” and that gym activity could help her cope. Thankfully, she was right.

“I think there needs to be more emphasis on how huge of impact and relation being active has on mental wellness. We all know how great it is for physical health but we need to focus on how wonderful it is for mental health as well.”

What are you waiting for? Say “Yes” and join the ranks of Anytime Fitness members on their journey to a healthier place! We can all make improvements, and spot each other along the way.

Member quotes and information gathered via “My Anytime Story” submissions.

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Kelly Fitzgerald has a BA in Journalism and MA in Creative Writing, and is the Managing Editor of the Anytime Fitness blog. She’s an avid reader, writer, and life-long learner who describes herself as a curious, sporty Twin Citian who is always observing, perpetually tired, and plagued by common sense.