Start Small: Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should be Tiny in 2014


What’s your take on New Year’s Resolutions? Are you the optimist who sets big goals each year, only to see them fade away? Or are you the cynic who thinks there’s no point, since they’ll be forgotten in a few weeks?

Neither option gets you closer to your goals. But the good news is that there is a better way: the realist approach.

What the Realist Knows

The realist knows a few things about resolutions that the optimist and pessimist don’t:

How to Start Small

Start with one small, concrete, repeatable change in your day-to-day life. How small? We’re talking tiny. And concrete. It should be something that you can put into practice today or in the next few days.

What does this actually look like? Think of it as a habit. Here’s how to translate a too-big resolution into a small one:

 Instead Of…

 Start Small

 Exercise more

 Pack a gym bag the night before a workout

 Eat healthier

 Include a fruit or veggie in my lunch bag each workday

 Be more active

 Limit screen time to one hour each evening

 Lose weight

 Stop taking second helpings at dinner

Challenge: What’s Your #StartSmall Resolution for 2014?

Now that you know what a start small resolution is, it’s time to create your own! Again, think small, concrete, and repeatable.

Write it down. Say it. Share it. Leave a comment below. Or tweet it!

Use the hashtag #StartSmall. Your small resolution could be featured on this blog!


Photo credit: Davehunt82

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