Sinless Samoa Girl Scout Cookies Kicks Off Our Weekend Favs

Sinless Samoas – Girl Scout Cookies Made Healthy from Eating Bird Food

With Girl Scout cookie season in full gear, it’s time to figure out how to battle the cravings. This recipe brings the delicious flavors of the favorite Samoa and makes it healthier!

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Is your cookware secretly killing you? And what to do about it. from Sensual Appeal Blog

This interesting article shows you what your cookware could be leaking into your food and what that can cause as far as health problems. Take a look and decide how you want to cook your meals at home!

10 Reasons To Take A Random Day Off Work from Mind Body Green

It’s no secret that taking a break from work can really boost your productivity and creativity. But Mind Body Green pulls together even more than the obvious reasons to take a day off. Check them out!

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The Busy Person’s Guide to Reducing Stress from ZenHabits

We’re all busy and some of us are stressed with all that is going on in our lives. Take it from Leo, this guide will help you unravel your stressors and feel happy and relaxed again.

Samsung Gear Fit introduced at Mobile World Congress is Giving Us Hope for Fitness Devices

This newly developed fitness device has already given high hopes to mass media including Endgaget and Mashable. The device tracks the standards (steps, activity, time), with added water resistance, sleep tracker, and connection to your smartphone (if it’s a samsung). We are interested to see what this device holds!

How to Create Power Bowl Meals – Tips and Recipes for Cleaning Eating from Run to the Finish

Often times we want to eat healthier but don’t because of (insert excuse here). However, Run to Finish blogger, Amanda, gives us some amazing tips and recipes to creating healthy, tasty, and filling meals. These “power bowls” give you the necessary carbs, protein, and fats needed in meals. Plus, they look like they’ll taste AWESOME! Give one a try this weekend!

Two Words That Will Level Up Your Life from Nerd Fitness

It’s important to remember that sometimes these two words ARE necessary and appropriate!


What’s going on during your Fit Weekend?


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