Recipe: Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Panini with Apple

The day after Thanksgiving can be just as good as the day of itself, food-wise, as the opportunities for gobbling up leftover turkey in innovative and delicious recipes are truly endless. One of the easiest leftover recipes is simply a turkey sandwich—or if you want to get fancy with it, a panini.

Even the most inexperienced of cooks can master this post-Thanksgiving sandwich. Just follow the following four steps for a perfect post-thanksgiving panini!

Carbohydrate Vehicle
The vessel.

• Bread Roll or Baguette
• Biscuit
• Crescent Roll or Bun
• Bread Slices
• Turkey Slices (paleo)

the no-brainer.

• Turkey, duh

The optional.

• Pureed sweet potato
• Cranberry chutney
• Pumpkin butter
• Mashed potatoes
• Stuffing
• Avocado
• Mustard or light mayo

Sandwich Fixings
The creativity.

• Greens – lettuce, spinach, arugula, etc.
• Red Onion
• Tomato
• Dried Cranberries
• Green beans
• Cucumber
• Apple
• Cheese

Turkey Panini with Apple and Cranberries

with Apple, Avocado, and Cranberry 



  • 2 slices of bread
  • 2 slices of leftover turkey
  • ¼ apple, thinly sliced
  • ¼ avocado, sliced
  • Handful of dried cranberries or cranberry chutney
  • 1 slice cheese of choice (I used thinly sliced white cheddar)


  1. Layer cheese, apple slices, turkey, avocado slices, and cranberries on bottom slice of bread.
  2. Top with remaining bread slice and place on panini grill (*note: if you do not own a panini maker, toast bread in skillet or toaster)

Nutrition Facts 

419 Calories • 17g Total Fat • 7g Saturated Fat • 47g Carbohydrate • 5g Dietary Fiber • 20g Sugars • 23g Protein (will vary based on bread and cheese selections)

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Carly Sippel is a registered yoga teacher, certified life coach, and nutrition nut. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Dietetics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She turns her passion into practice, promoting healthy bodies in both her personal and professional life.