Our Top 3 Tips for Setting Goals, and Reaching Them, Before New Years

If you’re putting off your goals in anticipation of a new year, you may want to ask yourself why you’re waiting until New Years to make a lifestyle change. Is the date motivating to you? The truth is, other than gyms offering specials on memberships, there isn’t a worthy difference between any other date and January 1st. You don’t have to make a goal at the new year just because it is a popular time to do so. You can do that any time, so why wait?

Start now, reach your goals faster!

The “I’ll start working out on Monday” plan doesn’t have a very high success rate. With this plan, you are already procrastinating. If you can wait until Monday or the new year to start, you can easily push that out to the next Monday or the next month and before you know it, you’re doing the same thing the following new year.

The “Today I’m making a change” plan will get you where you want to be. Write down your goals and what steps you need to make to achieve them. Make a realistic timeline, what you might need help with, and the support system you will use to get you there. If you need assistance on where to start or help with goal setting, find a coach! A coach will do everything in their power to make sure you are staying on track and achieving everything you set your mind do. 

Find your why.

It is so important to attach emotion and urgency to your goals. Find what will make you motivated to do what you set out for and keep doing it even when it’s challenging and you want to quit. Some examples of this are:

  • You need to set a good example for your children, they need to grow up with a healthy influence in their lives. 
  • Heart disease runs in your family, you do this so you can live a long and healthy life.
  • Your doctor tells you that you are at risk for certain illnesses or diseases if you don’t make a change.
  • Fitness is freedom. If you are fit, you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them without limitation or pain.
  • Just to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Being strong is empowering!

Unless January 1st holds a special place in your heart, your WHY doesn’t have a date attached to it. You need to start today.

Determine if roadblocks are legitimate vs an excuse? 

Time during the holiday season is a common excuse for why people want to wait until January to start their goals. Time will always be a limiting factor in our lives and yes, the holiday season can be especially difficult to start a new exercise routine and make major changes. What if you didn’t add more things at this time but could still make progress. What if you just changed the way you did some things? Simple things that won’t be stressful during the holiday season like parking further away when you go to the grocery store, substituting vegetables for potato chips, or instead of watching TV, you go for a walk. It’s a good start in the right direction!

Excuses are easy to make. If you go back to your why, the excuses seem pretty easy to overcome. If your why is to set a good example for your children, it doesn’t sound very good to say you don’t have time to set a good example for your kids. If your excuse is that a gym membership is too expensive, but your why is that you are at risk for certain illness or diseases, you will probably be spending a lot more on medical bills in the future than a gym membership. Your why is more important than any excuse.

There are legitimate reasons why you can’t start on your goals today, such as waiting for doctor clearance to exercise, illness, etc. However, even if you are waiting on clearance to exercise or need to wait a certain period of time before you can move more, you can still take time for goal setting, making healthy dietary decisions, and taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Regardless if you are waiting for a certain date to start your goals, you should be proud of yourself for making the steps to become a better you. Thinking about where you want to be is the first step, now let’s turn that inertia into momentum!


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