New Ways to Warm Up Before a Workout

treadmill run

Elite athletes warm up for a reason. You may not be earning millions or going for gold, but slowing ramping up your blood flow will help you too. This fundamental step is great for:

  • Mental prep – Awaken the mind and hone concentration.
  • Increasing temps – Warm muscles and joints to improve flexibility, while enhancing speed & strength.
  • Preventing injuries – Reduce your risk of muscle stiffness, tears, and more.

Overall, remember to start gradually and focus on muscles that will be used in your workout. But what works for another may not feel right to you. So here’s some inspiration from Anytime Fitness members. Shake up your routine and try something new!

Warm Up Before Intense Cardio

“Toe touch stretch, cross touch toe, jumping jacks and side to side stretch.” – Vanessa Rolon

“Walking 20 minutes to the gym instead of taking a bus or bicycle.” – Rafael Poma Salvador

“Light jog, jumping jacks, or jump rope.” – Michael J. Dunshee

“A little yoga gets me prepped and focused!” – Donna’s dream team

“Drink my pre-workout go-go juice, stretch, walk a mile, then kick butt!” – Deidre McAllister

“A lot of moves! Butt kickers, slow squats, torso twists, high knees, jumping jacks, boxer shuffles, lateral jumps! Each one of them for almost 25-30 seconds.” – Ma Rium

“X-ride or rowing machine.” – Dianne Settle Smith

“Quick yoga flow that goes with my breathe. Mix in a few crunches, squatting/lunging moves, and pushups, and we’re stretched out and warm, ready to go!” – YogaLean

“The gym is a mile and a half away. I run to it.” – Aimee Lipski-Houghton

Warm Up Before Weight Lifting

“Practice sets, going through the lift motion, but without any actual weight.” – Jake Rodgers

“I usually run 2-3 miles before I lift, but if not, bike 15 min or use the gazelle machine for 15 min (that’s what I call it!).” – Mary Lucy

“I love to take a nice light weight and do whatever exercise it is nice and slow, keeping light tension to expand all the blood vessels. Makes the pump so much easier to get and my joints thank me later.” – Scott Adams

“Stretches, then light lifting, 5 or 10 pounds depending on the exercises.”  – John Hillsbery

Warm Up Any Way That Gets You There!

“Usually by untangling my ear buds for about 13-17 minutes and elevating the heart rate through stress and anger.” – Andrew Bulock

“Lots of Motrin, coffee and stretching.” – Breanna Sue Donnelly

“Crawl out of bed.” – April Chesterman Nance

More ideas? Add to our list in the comments below!

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