Are You Making These Top 6 Fitness Mistakes?

Getting to the gym can sometimes be difficult. But once you’re there you should really avoid workout faux pas; and that’s why we have gathered some fitness mistakes that even the advanced fitness geeks make!

1. Avoiding Your Workouts

A common excuse I hear is, “I have no time to workout”. Health has to be your first priority. Intensity is key for the time constrained; getting in three to five 10-minute workouts a day adds up. That’s the beauty of Anytime Fitness, we’re open 24/7/365 to meet your fitness needs whenever you can fit them in. Next time you think you can’t find time, just remember it’s only 30 minutes! So, don’t be afraid to move and find the time for yourself. Regular workouts are key to making changes in your health.

2. Stretching Before You Run

Most people walk out the door and start running while others bounce and hold stretching positions. Stretch them while cold and you may injure the muscle or only stretch the connective tissue. Best case for your workouts is to jog or walk for 5 minutes to increase circulation, blood flow to the working muscles, and body temperature. Then perform “dynamic stretching” which is MOVING through the patterns you’ll be doing during your workout. Then hit the ground running and move it!


3. Skipping Your Post Workout Stretch

A common mistake is to finish the run and shower. Your body needs time to recover, lower heart rate, and return muscles to a relaxed state that permits correct alignment. Static stretching after your workout will return the “length tension” relationship to the muscles for better alignment, lower the heart rate, and blood pressure slowly like a dimming switch on a light, and give you time to cool down the body’s temperature. Failing to stretch might results in poor alignment, tight muscles, and injury.

4. Only Doing Cardio

While cardio is a great part of your exercise routine, it shouldn’t be the only thing. You’ll want to make sure you’re adding strength, balance, and stretching throughout your week! If you need some inspiration, check out our workouts for some easy-to-learn strength routines!

5. Doing The Same Old Thing

It’s wonderful that you’ve found the time to exercise but doing the same patterns over and over again can damage the body and reduce the caloric output. Our bodies become extremely efficient in activities we have repeated for years, so you’ll not be burning the same amount of calories as you did a few years ago doing the same 45 minute cardio. Worse, when we skip cross training, our muscles can “wear out the joints” by continually adding force in only one direction on the joint.

6. Reading On The Treadmill

Any exercise is better than nothing, but when it comes to reading on the treadmill, put your best foot forward and listen to that book instead. Reading on the treadmill not only compromises your posture but can decrease your intensity. If you only have a limited amount of time, use it wisely. Stay engaged in your workout and breathe consciously in the moment.

Balance your workouts by moving in all planes of motion, forward, backward and rotationally.

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