Love And Marriage at the Gym

A little less than a year after Megan Thompson first laid eyes on Jed Strobel, she came home from a long weekend trip to find 333 lit candles in her small apartment. One candle for each day since the two met at the gym where they worked together in Baraboo, WI. Jed, of course, was the candlelight decorator and he topped off his romantic surprise by asking Megan to marry him.

“It was perfect,” Megan said. “Especially because he didn’t burn down my apartment.”

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Megan moved back home to Portage, WI and joined Anytime Fitness as a member.

Megan and Jed with Running Man

Megan & Jed. Photo by Simply Unspoken Photography.

“I spent hours at the gym every day and realized that I loved helping others,” Megan said. “Eventually, I got a job as the Membership Director at the Anytime Fitness gym in Baraboo and found so much joy in watching other people achieve their fitness goals.”

A short while later, Jed started working at the same gym as a Member Experience Manager.

“Anyone who has ever met Megan would speak of her natural beauty, so obviously that was part of the initial attraction,” Jed said. “However, I made a great effort to look beyond that and wasn’t disappointed. I was drawn to her because she was just as passionate about helping others live healthier lives as I was.”

“I was initially attracted to how handsome he was, along with his muscles,” said Megan. “He was also hilarious. He made me laugh constantly with his out-of-control gestures. As I got to know Jed, I became even more attracted to him because of how kind and genuine he was. He truly is the most sincere man I’ve ever met.”

The two became friends immediately, but it was quite a while before they went out on their first “real” date.

“I wanted Jed to ask me out right away, but he was afraid of disrupting workplace professionalism, so we waited three months,” Megan said.

They both have participated in sports since they were young children and they also share a desire for serving others. So, it’s no surprise that they both were drawn to careers in the fitness industry.

“The owner of our gym [Andy Gundlach] provides us with the tools to help members in every way possible,” said Jed. “He gives us the ability to take ownership of our gym, so actually owning our own gym doesn’t seem necessary. Our long-term dreams are to continue to advance within the company.”

Megan & Jed on Anytime Fitness sign

Megan and Jed on the Anytime Fitness sign. Photo by Jessica Yngsdal with Simply Unspoken Photography.

Meanwhile, Megan and Jed help each other lead healthy lifestyles by prepping weekly meals together each Sunday, and since they work the same schedules, they’re able to hold each other accountable for morning workouts.

“Our personalities complement each other perfectly,” said Megan. “We are both really goofy and we entertain each other constantly. Our relationship works so well because we were friends before we dated and our relationship is built upon that friendship. We also believe communication plays a huge part in the success of our relationship. We are both open and honest with each other about everything and that has helped our relationship so much.”

Their wedding date is April 8, 2017 and Megan and Jed plan to celebrate with a honeymoon at Disney World and Universal Studios. (They’re both big Harry Potter and Marvel fans.) Don’t be surprised if their honeymoon features at least one candlelight dinner—with lots and lots of candles.

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