Love at the Club: When Members Become Trainers & Spouses!

Nearly every time Laura Bevilaqua worked out at her local Anytime Fitness gym in Concord Township, OH, she would see the same young man—tall, fit, and handsome—working out as well. The young man, Zack Underwood, seemed “friendly and approachable,” Laura says, but it took nearly a year of seeing each other at the gym for either one of them to work up the nerve to say hello.

“I  knew Zack had just finished a fitness competition, so I used that as a way to spark a conversation with him,” Laura says. “I asked him how it went and what training for the competition was like. He explained his change in diet and routine and I just smiled at him. In the back of my head all I could think about was how charming and handsome he was.”

As the days and weeks passed, Laura and Zack continued running into each other in the gym lobby.

“He was very shy, so I had to be the one to take the initiative and ask him on a date,” Laura says.

Laura & Zack - Love at the ClubOne date turned into another, and they both soon realized that they had found “the one.” Among other things, Laura and Zack shared a passion for fitness and they both realized that they shared the same goal of working at Anytime Fitness as personal trainers.

“I’ve always loved fitness and knew that Anytime Fitness was my gym and where I needed to be,” Laura says. “For me it was one of my biggest goals and something I knew I would love doing. The environment and the people at Anytime Fitness in Concord is very welcoming and the club owners [Anna Dey and her father Von Hollingsworth] make you feel at home in a gym.”

Zack and Laura both became Anytime Fitness members in 2012. The gym is where they met, where they started dating, and where they both now work as personal trainers. So, although Zack may be the “shy one,” he thought the gym would be the perfect place to ask Laura to marry him—and he decided to go bold, posting a big “Will you MARRY ME Laura?” message on the club’s Inspiration Wall that Laura couldn’t help but see as soon as she entered the gym a few days after Christmas. To everyone’s great relief, and no one’s real surprise, she said “yes”—enthusiastically.

“Our engagement at the gym was quite the surprise for me,” Laura says. “It was perfect timing and the perfect place.”

Now that they’re working together, here’s how Laura and Zach support one another:

  • We inspire one another and share ideas.
  • If one of us is having a hard time with something, then the other person is always there to help.
  • We have a wonderful support system and communicating is easy for us.
  • You know you belong with someone when you only argue about fitness-related things and proper form.
  • Fitness brings us together and that will never change.
  • Even when we’re old and gray, we joke about how we still want to be able to do burpees together.


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