Heart-Pumping Partner Workout Perfect for Swolemates

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family, friends, and swolemates by tackling this partner workout! Not only is exercising with a partner more fun, but it can help make you feel more accountable, motivated, and even help you get to your goals faster.

The Benefits of a Workout Partner

  • If you schedule a time to meet with your workout partner, you’re less likely to cancel!
  • Friends can provide that extra boost of motivation, competition, laughter, and encouragement. One study in particular suggests that people enjoy physical activity more when they’re with their friends.
  • Buddies can teach you new moves, including challenging partner exercises that require compound movements so you, and your body, don’t get stuck in a rut.

But enough of that. You already know your swolemate is great! So put down that box of chocolates and join our favorite set of Anytime Fitness twins, Amanda and Anna, for this heart-pumping partner workout.

Sweet & Sweaty Partner Workout

Dynamic Warm-Up

10 Partner Push-ups with Shoulder Tap

20 Partner Squats with Arm Hold & Rotation

30 Sec Partner Band Sprints

10 Partner Shuffles to Burpee

15 Partner Band Jumps

10 Partner Medicine Ball Slams

10 Each Arm Partner TRX Rows

Partner Plank Hold with 10 Hand Claps

You did it, nice work!

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Rachel Prairie is ride-or-die trainer chick. From Director of Training to entrepreneur, Rachel now leads a double-life training Anytime Fitness trainers and as Corporate Trainer at Self Esteem Brands in Woodbury, MN. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she expects the same from her clients: “We hustle harder!” Rachel is a NASM certified personal trainer with a BA in Rhetoric, as well as ACE Kettlebell Level I and Functional Movement Systems (FMS) certified. She is well-versed in empathy, high-fives, eating, lifting weights, hugs, and exploring the great outdoors.