Happy Fitmas: 25 Exercises To Do This 25th

Twas the night before Fitmas and all through the gym

The people rejoiced because they could get in

The doors opened wide for members to get through

To do 25 exercises we wrote down for you


And every one there who had time to kill

Could burn off egg nog on the treadmill

The workout was tough but as they were trying

They felt a great pride though they thought they were dying


They pushed with resilience till they finished some more

The twenty-five exercises worked them to their core

“This was tough,” they said, “while we did twenty-five

And despite my pain, I’ve never felt so alive!”

So there it is! One of the reasons that I absolutely LOVE Anytime Fitness is because on the holidays, when time is winding down, I can get a workout in after my feast. But since the staff will not be there and most trainers aren’t working at that time, we’ve put together a 25 exercise workout for you.

25 Exercises for the 25th

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For this workout, all you will need is a TRX Suspension Trainer, a 20 lb medicine ball, and some will power! The best way to fit 25 exercises in a workout is to do a circuit. The length of work and rest for each exercise will depend on your fitness level.

Beginner = 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest | Intermediate = 50 seconds work, 10 second rest | Advanced = 55 seconds work, 5 second transition

Rest one minute between each round. This workout will take 29 minutes.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Whew! Remember, you can get this in on Christmas Eve, Christmas, or the day after. Enjoy!


  • TRX Power Rows – Use one arm for 30 seconds, then switch. Remember to pull yourself up BEFORE rotating your body.
  • Leg-Raised Sit-ups – Lay down on the ground and put your heels into the TRX stirrups.
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Luke Andrus is a certified personal trainer, ACE health coach, writer, folk music drummer, husband, and a father. Most of his writing experience is in poetry and fictional short stories, and he also proposed to his wife with a self-published children's book. He is a Narnia nerd with a degree in History, a minor in English, and a semi-obsession with the French language. He believes that fitness is not just about vanity, but about lifestyle, integrity, and the ability to take control of your life.