5 Ways To Get Your Fitness On This Weekend


Healthy Hacks for Staying Fit on the Road from Nerd Fitness

Never miss a workout or a opportunity to eat healthy on the road again.


3 Best Exercises to Work the Lower Abs from Your Trainer Paige

Paige teaches us the best exercises to tone our abs! Get to the gym and add these to your next workout!


20-Minute Hotel Workout from Run, Eat and Repeat

Stuck in a hotel without a gym? No worries, Monica has you covered with a quick bodyweight hotel workout!


25 Mantras to Get You Through 100 Burpees

Honestly, it will take a little more than “I can do this” to get your through 100 BURPEES. The 12-minute athlete has 25 sayings to repeat through your head as you take on the challenge!


The Navy Seal Workout

If you’re looking to feel like a bad ass this weekend, you should give this Navy Seal workout a go! Your body will be happy you did!

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