Get to Know Jack: 648 Straight Days of Exercise & Counting!

Jack and Family

Family health is important. But as we discussed earlier this month, parents need to prioritize themselves first, in order to create a trickle-down effect and environment that benefits the entire family. Jack Knaack knows this well. He went to the doctor, concerned about swollen ankles, and was faced with the realization that his weight had blossomed far too high, and he needed to do something about it. Jack went home and told his wife Natalie it was time to make a change. Soon after that they joined Anytime Fitness together and hired a personal trainer to kick themselves off.

“I wasn’t trying to become an Olympic champion,” Jack said. “I just wanted to remain a husband, father, son and friend for many years to come. Without a change in my life, I knew that was not probable.”

The rest, as they say, is history. With the goal of fitting in some activity every day—even finding Anytime Fitness gyms in cities he’s traveling to—Jack has dropped 85 pounds and 6 pants sizes, and is still on his way. “I am not skinny by any measure, but feel so much better. I have tried to lose weight many times before. I am not sure why it worked this time. If I can do it, anyone can. I’m thankful for giving myself a chance to live a longer, happier life.”

Jack and his wife have established a health regime that works with their busy schedules and demands as parents of two, and his whole family is happier because of it. Learn more about him below, and follow Jack’s journey as he takes over the Anytime Fitness corporate Instagram account June 22-28!

Jack Knaack, Jr.

Jack Before & AfterFrom Kaukauna, WI

Gym: Kaukauna, WI

Anytime Fitness member since July 2014

I knew it was time when… “I went to the doctor with ankles the size of tree trunks.”

Favorite Workout Anthem:
Lose Yourself – Eminem

Get to Know Jack

Age: 42 | Weight: 240

Family: Wife Natalie and two boys, Riley and Carter

Primary Wellness Goal: I would like to get my body fat to 20%.

Struggling with… Staying away from every sugary, fatty food that I love to eat.

Striving to… Maintain my healthier, daily routines for my health.

Secondary Goal: To make sure that I do some kind of workout (45 min–hour) every single day.

People describe me as… Someone who likes to have fun, laugh, and make others laugh.

Favorite Piece of Equipment: Dumbbells (I like the variety of work I can do with them.)

Least Favorite Exercise: Burpees (I know they are good for me, but they are tough!)

Nutrition tip that has worked for me: I continue to stay away from the sugar carbs and bread carbs as much as possible. When I spike in weight, it usually can be linked to a binge or two on a large amount of those kinds of foods. I know myself enough that I cannot just eat a little. It is too difficult for me.

One more thing… As of May 8th, I have 648 days in a row doing some kind of physical activity. 95% of those workouts are done at Anytime Fitness.

Follow Jack’s journey as he takes over the Anytime Fitness corporate Instagram account June 22-28!

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