6 Must-Have Free Mobile Weight Loss Apps

Weight loss isn’t easy, but these apps help make the journey a little less bumpy.

When you boil it down to the basics, weight loss is about two things—eating less and moving more— but anyone who has tried to lose weight before knows that it can be so much more complicated. There’s calories and protein and heart rate monitors and weight training and metabolism and hydration and a million other things to think about.

That’s why we love how technology can help us keep track of what we need to keep track of (and filter out what we don’t). Plus, almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Check out a few of our favorite and free weight loss apps!

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Striiv Pedometer App

Available on: iPhone
Chances are, many of you walk around with your cell phone in your pocket already, so why not let your phone track your steps while it’s in there? The free Striiv app not only counts your steps, but also guides you through fun challenges and lets you compete against your friends and other Striiv-ers worldwide.


Available on: iPhone, Android

One of the hardest parts of losing weight is just getting up and heading to the gym. GymPact makes that decision by asking you to bet on yourself. You set up a “pact” with yourself for how many times you will go to the gym in a week. Each time you hit up the gym, you check-in using GPS on the GymPact app to get credit.

If you succeed in your pact, you get cold, hard cash. Fail? You have to pay! Money certainly is motivating. GymPact also has other kinds of pacts—veggie pacts for folks who struggle to get in their veggie intake and food log pacts, for people who are calorie counting.


Anytime Health

Available on: iPhone, Android

Love Anytime Fitness (of course you do!), then this is the app for you. You can track your food, log your workouts, check-in with goals and it all syncs with the Anytime Health Website—where you can get free advice from professional trainers, nutritionists, and enjoy a great community of other weight loss enthusiasts.



Available on: iPhone, Android

RunKeeper is the original gangsta, and most robust, of the GPS trackers on the mobile market. And it’s not just for runners! You can track hikes, bike rides, walks, and more! All using a crazy accurate, crazy beautiful interface that provides you with tons of fun information while you workout.

Ever curious how many miles per hour you run? RunKeeper will tell you!



Available on: iPhone, Android

Healthy eating goes far beyond the number of calories in a serving; and sometimes we can be blinded by that number when we’re trying to lose weight. Fooducate tries to break out calorie-counting ways by taking into consideration the whole picture of a specific food and assigns it a letter grade—giving higher grades to minimally processed, real foods that are naturally rich in nutrients.

You search for a product by keyword or by scanning the barcode and Fooducate gives you an easy-to-decipher letter grade, plus more detailed information on the food.


Nike Training Club

Available on: iPhone, Android

The Nike Training Club (or NTC as users refer to it) is one of the most extensive workout apps available today—and definitely the best of the best for free apps. It offers over 100 full-body workouts designed by personal trainers, including videos of moves, tips and suggestions, and a timer and counter. You can take it with you to your favorite Anytime Fitness gym to do the moves, do the workouts at home, or use it to get in a good workout while on the go!

What are your favorite health and fitness apps?

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