The Family Holiday You Should Be Observing Tomorrow

News flash: Thursday, June 18, is International Picnic Day. Whether you subscribe to the many official and unofficial holidays, this one is pretty fun, easy, and a great excuse to gather a group somewhere beautiful!

Connect with Nature

While there’s some dispute about when and where picnics originated (was it the French sharing meals a la potlucks, or the Victorian era celebrating hunting days and evading proper dining etiquette?), there’s no question that dining alfresco with others is the goal. Find a nearby beach, park, local pavilion or other public area you can admire. A good view, great company, and fresh air is wonderful for the psyche.

Eat Well

You want your meal pretty easy to transport and consume, so think about tasty, no muss, no fuss options. Here’s a menu plan that goes well with grab-and-go fruits and vegetables.

Main: Healthy Bagel Sandwiches – These aren’t your average bagels. Enjoy the topping & spread twists.

Side: Mango Salsa and Wholegrain Chips – Bring store-bought salsa, or make your own fresh variety.

Dessert: Dark Chocolate Cherry Snack Bites – This on-the-go treat can be prepped & enjoyed by all.

Cocktail: Mojito – Ok, start with water. But if you’re looking for adult fun, the low-calorie mojito is the way to go. (Make sure your public place allows alcohol. If not, add some cucumber & lemon to sparkling water.)

Snacks: Superfood Trail Mix & Flavored Popcorn – No one wants a crabby kid (or hangry adult!). Bring some snacks to refuel between activities.

Get Active

Hopefully you’re able to walk, run or bike to your picnic destination. Burn some more calories by having fun!

Outdoor Sports – Interact and bond by playing catch, freeze-tag,  lawn games or another outdoor activity.

Park Workout – Join the kids on the playground, or make your own routine using this parents’ park workout.

Beach Workout – Play volleyball, toss a Frisbee, or get serious with this “Not Your Mom’s Beach Workout.”

Don’t Forget

Avoid MacGyver moments by coming prepared! Bring:

  • Plates, forks, napkins, and other serving ware
  • Sunscreen (applied before you go!), in case you need to reapply
  • A bottle, wine, or can opener, depending on what you bring to consume
  • Ice is key, so your picnic treats are enjoyed and not spoiled
  • Trash bag to clean up your mess and leave the scene as you arrived
  • Hand sanitizer is especially nice if there isn’t a public restroom nearby
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Kelly Fitzgerald has a BA in Journalism and MA in Creative Writing, and is the Managing Editor of the Anytime Fitness blog. She’s an avid reader, writer, and life-long learner who describes herself as a curious, sporty Twin Citian who is always observing, perpetually tired, and plagued by common sense.