Easy Breakfasts to Make When You’re Short On Time

Making breakfast in the morning

The Most Impossible Meal of the Day

Breakfast is tough, we’ll be honest—especially when you’re short on time. Whether you’re getting children off to school or rushing to an early morning meeting (or both!), breakfast can be difficult to work into your morning routine. Now, we know that you know this, but we can’t avoid the reminder: breakfast is non-negotiable. It sets your metabolism up for success throughout the day, fuels your morning and helps regulate your blood sugar so you avoid getting a case of the hangries (hungry + angry). We don’t want that and neither do you, so we’ve done the work for you and found nine easy breakfasts you can either make in a snap or prepare ahead of time. If you read on, you officially have no excuse to skip breakfast… consider yourself warned. 

Make-Ahead Breakfasts

Make-ahead breakfasts are best-in-class for night owls. Make breakfast when you have the energy and reap the rewards in the morning, win/win. If you find yourself too stressed or strapped for time to cook, consider whipping up a batch of make-ahead morning-time meals. 

Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

Image via Fit Foodie Finds

In just 30 minutes of prep, you’ll have 10 delicious burritos ready for breakfast in a snap. 

Ham and Cheese Egg Muffins

Image via Adventures of Mel

Everything you love about a ham and cheese breakfast sandwich made into a low-carb, protein-packed “muffin.” Not a big fan of ham and cheese? The beauty of this recipe is the endless flavor combos you can make them with. 

Veggie Loaded Breakfast Skillet

Image via Meal Plan Addict

Veggie lovers, this one is for you. This make-ahead skillet is loaded with the good stuff and will keep you on your breakfast grind all week! 

Breakfast Ready in 20 Minutes

More of a morning person, but still finding yourself short on time? These breakfasts will help you stay full and get out of the door in no time! 

Vegan Banana French Toast

Image via Simple Veganista

This French toast gets its sweetness from… you guessed it—mashed bananas! 

Breakfast Tacos

Image via Well Plated

You’ve heard of taco Tuesday, but with this recipe… there’s no need to wait until dinner time! 

Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage and Peppers

Image via What Molly Made

If you’ve got 20 minutes, you’ve got time to make this simple and filling breakfast hash! 

Easy Breakfasts for a Crowd 

If you’ve got a lot of mouths to feed, breakfast in a snap can be tough—but we see you! These recipes will keep everyone full without overwhelming you before you start your day. 

Crustless Spinach Quiche

Image via Wine and Glue

Everything you love about quiche without the crust, which means two things: it’s easier and there are fewer carbs. 

Sheet Pan Egg In a Hole

The nostalgic classic gets a crowd-pleasing twist. Quit toiling over a skillet and use this oven technique instead!

Blueberry Baked Oatmeal Recipe

Image via Joy Food Sunshine

Baked oatmeal is delicious, but with the addition of Greek yogurt and almond meal—it’s packed with protein in this blueberry version. 

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