Drink This, Not That: Holiday Edition


Every day we make choices. And it’s natural to become a little more calorie conscious or cautious during the holiday season, when treats appear around every corner. That’s good! You can make the most of your calorie allotment by limiting your intake of calories from drinks alone. More often than not, you’ll find the downfall of classic holiday beverages (both alcoholic and non) is their tendency to contain high fat and high sugar ingredients. So we’ve devised a handy “Drink This, Not That” guide to help you navigate seasonal beverages all the way from wake-me-ups to night caps. You should still raise a glass in cheers, but perhaps this year it will be a lighter option!

Holiday Drinks Face-Off

Drink Steamer over Eggnog

Vanilla Almond Steamer vs. Eggnog

Your classic eggnog recipe contains both whole milk and heavy cream, so it practically goes without saying that choosing a beverage like this vanilla almond steamer will significantly lower your fat intake. If you’re looking to make your beverage a little more boozy, try adding a shot or two of Bailey’s or Kahlua to your steamer! Pictured: Vanilla Almond Steamer by a farmgirl’s dabbles.

Drink Red Wine vs. Mulled Wine

Red Wine vs. Mulled Wine

There’s nothing more classic than straight-up red wine. While mulled wine may add something festive to your party, the addition of apple cider, fruit, fruit juices, and potentially honey or granulated sugar send the overall sugar content through the roof.  Stick to red wine, high in antioxidants and heart healthy in moderation.

Drink Smoothie vs. Latte

Pumpkin Pie or Chocolate Peppermint Smoothies vs. Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Peppermint Mochas

Speciality coffee drinks such as pumpkin spice lattes or peppermint mochas are notorious for high sugar and fat contents, no matter how much they put you in the holiday spirit. Try creating your own cooler version of these drinks at home; just grab your blender. Smoothies are great drink choices for breakfast, a snack, or an evening treat! Pictured: Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie by Sally’s Baking Addiction

Drink Sangria vs. Glogg

Natural Calm Sangria vs. Holiday Glogg

Most holiday punches boast a whopping 3-4 different kinds of alcohol all in one bowl. Appropriately named “holiday glogg” (among other things), this will likely be how you feel after consuming such a sugary beverage. Enjoy a similar tasty treat without suffering the next day by creating a faux-sangria using raspberry-lemon Natural Calm that looks as festive as it tastes, while offering a healthy dose of magnesium! Pictured: Non-Alcoholic Natural Calm Sangria by In Sonnet’s Kitchen

Drink Hot Toddy vs. Buttered Rum

Hot Toddy vs. Hot Buttered Rum or White Russians

A Hot Toddy has a serious advantage over most mixed drinks. A typical “mix” tends to add a ton of calories to our favorite holiday adult libations. However, Hot Toddy’s “mix” is hot water, naturally calorie free, and sweetened with milk honey!

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Carly Sippel is a registered yoga teacher, certified life coach, and nutrition nut. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Dietetics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She turns her passion into practice, promoting healthy bodies in both her personal and professional life.