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Virtual Fitness Dance

Find your inner Bey (or JT)—it’s time to bust a move! National Dance Day is July 25th—though frankly, we don’t need a token holiday to get our groove going. There’s no question burning calories is way better when you’re distracted and having fun. Dance workouts are a fabulous way to improve your coordination in addition to cardio, and maybe increase your confidence, too. So get on it!

We’re pro dancing in your own home, or heck, moving down the street to your own rhythm, but if you want something more organized, here are your best options for dance workouts right in the gym. Many Anytime Fitness clubs have one of these two popular virtual fitness systems—meaning a kiosk that presents a variety of virtual classes you can take in front of a large projector screen. Gather a group, and schedule your next dance session! Note: By “schedule,” we mean show up. Virtual fitness classes are available 24/7 just like the gym, as long as the screen and space is free.

Get Started with Virtual Fitness

If you’ve never tried a virtual fitness class, the first step is to check availability. Contact your local Anytime Fitness to see if they have it, and what system is available. If you need help finding or starting a class once at the gym, just ask your friendly Anytime Fitness staff member.


Multiple Level Classes: VIBE

VIBE is the key to packing in some great cardio while dancing. There are 14 classes ranging from street, urban, and hip-hop to Bollywood and Latin. Benefit from multiple instructors (1 lead and 2 back-ups) in many of these virtual classes so you can get acclimated by following the beginner guide and push yourself by mimicking the other two (which usually means adding more energy, or pizzazz; modifications aren’t as common with dance workouts). Read the class descriptions to see what sounds fun and get moving!


Beginner Class: Zumba

Zumba classes are a great, fun way to get started in the world of dance workouts. Learn the basics of Latin dance and other World rhythm moves like merengue, salsa, cumbia, and reggaeton before exploring the more advanced dance classes!

Intermediate Class: Gaiam Dance Cardio Party

It’s like you’re in da club, except not at all. Follow fresh and funky dance moves that will make you sweat without focusing on the fact you’re working out! This virtual class will help tone your arms, legs, and core.

All Level Class: SH’BAM ™

Channel your sassy or goofy side for this fun-loving dance workout that combines high-energy interval training with hit dance tracks. No dance experience is required to enjoy and capitalize on this workout, but beginner classes are available if you want a guide through the steps before choosing a full 30 or 40-minute session.

Pro tip: Consider wrapping up your dance workout with a quick 10-minute abs class to get more core work in, or calm the body and mind with a Flexibility or MyYoga class.

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