Top Ten #BurnTheTurkey Workouts

#BurnTheTurkey Eating Squat

The gym has really been heatin’ up as we all #BurnTheTurkey! Our members have been sharing their workouts, using the hashtag, to show how they’re fighting off holiday weight gain this Thanksgiving (and helping Feeding America). Keep on burning! Here are a handful of our favorite Instagram photos and videos to keep you motived. Big thanks to all who have participated! Entries welcome through November 30.

Top #BurnTheTurkey Posts

10. Because you’re gathering a group for a good cause.


9. Because you’re getting creative with fall’s props! 

A photo posted by Julie Solis (@jewelsolis) on


8. Because you’re motivating others. 


7. Because a turkey working out always wins! 

A video posted by Chris (@fitnessrebelva) on


6. Because we love your perfectly-turkey form.


5. Because we wish we could do that. 


4. Because it’s fun to #BurnTheTurkey… 


3. …And we love your theatrics. 


2. Because you’re burning calories wherever you are! 


1. Because we love this very real motivation! 

Don’t let the momentum stop! Keep sharing your #BurnTheTurkey workouts through Nov. 30 to help Feeding America (& yourself).

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