Here’s What It Will Take to Burn Off 7 Popular Game Time Snacks

Working out after game day snacks

Nothing is better than homemade guacamole with corn tortilla chips while watching sports with friends. Did you know that one serving size of tortilla chips is around 7-12 chips (depending on the brand and how big the chips are). When was the last time you ate just 7 chips?

It can be easy to overdo it while snacking, which is why we came up with a list of exercises you’ll need to do to burn off those game day snacks.

Sometimes we can get a little carried away with the “good stuff” and not even know it! Everything in moderation is okay, going overboard is what can hurt your calorie count for the day.

Now, do we expect every person to go and work off their game time indulgences? Probably not, but knowledge is power! Check how much exercise you would have to do if you ate two slices of pepperoni pizza and other game-day snacks!

Exercise required to burn off popular game day snacks

  • 2 slices Little Caesars Pepperoni Pizza- 560 calories: 65 minutes of moderate cycling
  • 28 Tortilla Chips- 560 calories: 57 minutes of Zumba
  • Can of Coke- 140 calories: 23 minutes of walking at 4mph
  • 10 pig in a blanket- 490 calories: 59 minutes of Bikram Yoga
  • 4 Double Stuffed Oreos- 280 calories: 78 minutes of weight lifting
  • 4 Cans of Miller Light- 384 calories: 32 minutes of running at 6mph
  • 1 cup Chex Mix- 240 calories: 29 minutes of high impact aerobics

*Calculations are based off of a 160 lb. person

What are your favorite healthy snacks to make for game day?

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