Brands That Reach Epic Tattoo Status

Aussie Anytime Tattoos

Search any iconic brand and you may (or may not!) be surprised to learn that many people have tattooed those very logos on their bodies. Really: Just do a quick search for Apple Tattoo, Disney Tattoo, or Nike Tattoo. Wow, talk about super fans!

Is there any brand or product that you’d tattoo on your body? Or do you have one already?!

National Tattoo Day (next Friday, July 17) has us thinking this way, and thrilled we’re part of the story. Almost 3,000 people have tattooed our Runningman logo on their body! These Anytime Fitness members, club owners, managers, trainers, and corporate employees have it proudly tatted on their arms, legs, and even some cheeky places—you’ve been warned!

Logo tattoos aren’t really about the company itself though. They’re about an affinity to what they represent, a special memory, person, or for many of our members, a massive life change that they’re proud to ink on their body. Take a look at some of our favorite Anytime Fitness tattoos!

Anytime Fitness Tattoos


Are you interested in commemorating a significant person, place, or milestone with body art? Whatever the motivation, if you’re inking yourself this week (or already have) and want to share your story, we’d love to see it, and hear what it represents. (And if you incorporate a little AF purple, we certainly won’t complain!)

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