The Best Free Father’s Day Gift

Father's Day Gift

Father’s Day (June 21) countdown is on: Three early cheers for all supportive dads and positive male role models! As you’re finalizing gifts and festivities, don’t forget to provide what he really wants: time with you. It’s the best universal (and free) Father’s Day gift.

This may mean joining in on one of dad’s favorite hobbies, planning an outing, or doing something active together! We have a free seven-day gym pass just for that. Invite him to your gym and there’s no question it will benefit you both.

The Benefits

  • You have a new workout buddy—meaning more fun and accountability.
  • Show you care about his well-being, and want him around as long as possible.
  • Address health concerns. This may be what he needs to get in gear!
  • Discuss that controversial dad bod article.  

free gympass

Signing Up

Bring your dad into your gym during staffed hours or sign up for a free seven-day pass online, in advance. Registration is pretty simple either way. Once you’re there, make it fun! Introduce dad to your favorite equipment or exercises, and integrate a few activities that can be done together. Here are some ideas:

Partner Exercises

  • Spot each other—on anything! Safety first.
  • Medicine Ball – Try lunge to chest pass, single leg chest pass, partner floor slams & sit-ups pass.
  • King of the Bosu – One person stands on top, maintaining balance, while the other tosses the medicine ball to them at various heights and angles, testing them.
  • Push-Up with Shoulder Tap – Face your buddy & as you push up from your synchronized push-ups (full or modified), tap each other’s left shoulder with your right hands. Repeat and switch hands.
  • Reach & Touch Plank – Similarly, you can hold the plank position facing each other, and then reach to touch each other’s right hands, then left.

If he likes the experience, consider offering to buy his first month. You could have a workout buddy for good!

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Kelly Fitzgerald has a BA in Journalism and MA in Creative Writing, and is the Managing Editor of the Anytime Fitness blog. She’s an avid reader, writer, and life-long learner who describes herself as a curious, sporty Twin Citian who is always observing, perpetually tired, and plagued by common sense.