Are Abs Truly Made in the Kitchen?

Yes, they are. Unfortunately for most of us, having a flat stomach doesn’t come naturally. If you see someone that has a flat stomach or six-pack abs, they have most likely worked very hard, have their willpower tested every day and have made many sacrifices to have that body. 

Before giving you tips on how to have a flat stomach, a few myths need to be debunked.

A common misconception about your abdominal muscles is that you need to do more ab exercises to have visible abs. Having strong abs and core muscles is wonderful. You can prevent injuries and move so much more efficiently with a strong core, so we’re not telling you NOT to work on them, however for most of us, there is a layer of fat on top of our abdominal muscles. If you keep working on your abs, but don’t focus on your diet, that layer of fat will still be there on top of your really strong abs.

The second myth is that if you do ab exercises consistently, your fat will be transformed into muscle which will give you a flat stomach. However, muscle and fat do not turn into one another. Fat is fat and muscle is muscle; period.

The final myth is that if you exercise a body part, you will lose fat in that specific body part. You cannot spot reduce body fat. Your body decreases or increases fat overall and because we are all different, we all gain and lose fat in different areas at different rates. Some places change slower than others and often, the first place we lose fat isn’t the number one place we wanted to lose it in the first place. There are no foods or pills that will reduce “stubborn stomach fat”. If those claims are made, they are false.

Now that those are out of the way, there is no magic pill or specific exercise routine that will give you abs. The best way to get visible abs is to eat right, exercise often, get enough sleep and properly recover. Those three things done constantly for the rest of your life will be your best chance of achieving and maintaining the body you are striving for. A lifestyle change will get you where you want to be with your goals, not a 30-day cleanse or a six-week exercise routine claiming to transform your body. It takes consistency, patience and a lot of hard work to reverse the years of neglect we have put our body through. It usually takes just as much time to put on 25 pounds as it does to lose it. It takes discipline and mindfulness to lose it, and giving into cravings and not paying attention to consumption or exercise to gain it.

We’re sorry if you were looking for a quick fix hack on how to get abs, but unfortunately there isn’t one. Don’t worry! You do not have to go through this journey alone. Share your goals with friends and family so they are aware and can help you along the path. You can also work with a coach or join a support group to keep you honest and working towards your goals.

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