Anytime Fitness Employees’ Favorite Holiday Travel Essentials

It’s that time of year… holiday parties, eggnog, and traveling, both near and far. The latter can be pain – hello, hectic airport lines and long car rides! That’s why we checked in with the staffers at Anytime Fitness HQ in Hastings, Minnesota, to discover what their favorite travel essentials are over the holidays. Here’s what they had to say!

1. Beats By Dre: urBeats

Tony Nicholson, director of Anytime Health, wedges urBeats in his ears to tune everything out so he can read the paper, GQ, and Esquire. “I feel like I’m traveling naked without them,” he said.

2. A good Spotify Playlist

Franchise consultant Maddy Vaith doesn’t leave home without updating her Spotify playlists. Her go-to for the holiday season: an Elvis Christmas playlist.

3. Slipper Socks and a Scarf

Bridgette Hanson, Waxing the City marketing director, won’t leave home without either. “Because when my first are cold, my whole body is cold,” she said. “And, when my whole body is cold = unhappy B.”

4. Tennis Shoes

Libby Crooker, VP of international support, changes into comfortable clothes and tennis shoes as soon as she gets to a new place so she can explore (and find a good coffee shop). “I like to know what’s around me, and it helps to learn directions around a new city,” she said.

5. A Toque

CFO John Pindred hails from Canada, our friendly neighbors to the north. His holiday travel must-have: a toque! “Cuz Canada, eh!” he said. For all you southern folks, a toque is a knitted winter hat – and toque sounds cooler than hat, right?!

6. Lint Roller

Katrina Boche’s must-have is a lint roller. The international development coordinator has a Westie named Talulah, and her fur gets all over. “Gotta look good for those holiday parties, right?”

7. Water Bottle

I’m a fanatic about drinking water, so I don’t go anywhere without my reusable water bottle. It’s especially handy at the airport because who wants to pay $2 or more for a bottle of water?! Just be sure it’s empty before going through security.

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