Why You Should Adopt Mindy Kaling’s Approach to Body Image

I am not what you would call “skinny.” I have never been skinny, and I will probably never be skinny. And I’m okay with that.

I am physically active five days a week. I jog, strength train, and practice yoga. I eat quite healthy, but also enjoy the occasional cookie. I can safely say, I am in okay shape.

Sure, there are days when I compare myself to others, get sad, and think too much about it. But if I had to deal with the crap celebrities do, I don’t believe I would be a very happy person.

What’s truly great, though, is Mindy Kaling’s approach to being in the public eye and dealing with these “weighty issues.” She’s making it okay to just “be.”

“You Go Girl”

Recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mindy spoke out about how she has been called brave, a pioneer, and courageous for her fashion choices and general outlook on weight.

I love what she says here:

“You go girl!” comments and tweets to me because of this interview I did in Vogue. Where I said this thing that didn’t seem controversial at all to me, which is that I am a woman who is always trying to lose a little weight, but I don’t want to be skinny.

And people were like, “That’s so great that you said it!” But that’s like every woman I know, feels that way [about losing a little weight].

Most women do feel this way, that it would be nice to lose a few pounds (or many).

A Size 8 in Hollywood

I did my research; Mindy Kaling is around a size 8. It’s not like that size comes easy to her either…

I run and work out. It takes a lot of effort to look like a normal/chubby woman.

Mindy is a healthy woman who’s always looking to lose a little weight. But who isn’t? When will people stop looking at celebrity sizes and weight? When will they instead ask, “Is she living a healthy life?”

If she is living a healthy life, then she’s being a good role model, not being courageous.

Mindy Doesn’t Think her Fashion Tastes Make her Courageous

So I did this new style, you know, showing a little midriff. And, unless you have problems, for most women that is a nice little area right under your bra.

And people were like, “Oh.” First of all, some people, mean people, people were pretty mean about it. But then some people were like, “Isn’t she’s just so courageous?” Aren’t surgeons courageous?


Her point is valid. She shouldn’t have to justify something she wears or be called brave for doing so. Does Hollywood call Angelina Jolie brave for wearing a dress that shows a little leg? Probably not. Mindy doesn’t need to hear people telling her that her fashion choices are courageous.

If anything, focus on Mindy’s healthy lifestyle – celebrate that.

She is probably like most of us; she just wants to feel pretty.

And Mindy, you do. You look damn good!

Photo credit: HitFix.com

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