9 Quick Do’s and Don’ts to Healthier Eating on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Meal

Most Americans’ Thanksgiving traditions involve some indulgence. And that’s fine! But you can check yourself in advance with these few simple tips so that you won’t go too overboard and regret anything the next day.

DO: Learn New Cooking Techniques

Sometimes just trying something new is all it takes for our cooking to be healthier. Try baking or sautéing instead of deep frying. Or try steaming or grilling your veggies! There are many ways to make cooking healthier.

DO: Eat Breakfast

Many people opt to skip breakfast on Thanksgiving so they can eat more during the feast. The problem is you’ll be starving by meal time, and more likely to overindulge when you see all that food.

DO: Discover The Correct Portions

How much turkey should you have? What is the best size for a slice of pie? Turkey should aim for the size of your palm (minus fingers), and a slice of pie should be around 1/16 of the pie.

DON’T: Overindulge

It’s tempting. It’s only one day, right? But the temptation is everywhere during the holidays. You and your gut will be much happier if you stuck with eating a little bit of everything rather than a lot of everything!

DO: Workout (Even If It’s Quick)

This is a busy day that’s usually filled with people bustling around making sure everything gets done on time. Make sure to schedule a quick 20-30 minute workout during your day to release stress and increase your energy! Yoga is a great stress reliever.

DON’T: Drink Your Dinner

One cosmo has 200-300 calories! That’s crazy! Instead of having three cosmos (which can be considered a full meal), try one of our lower calorie cocktails. Stop the holiday hangover by alternating an adult beverage with a glass of water.

DO: Be Thankful

Thanksgiving can be overwhelming and at times outright stressful. When these thoughts creep in, combat them with a list of all the great things in your life. Heck, grab a piece of paper and write them down! Remember all that is wonderful!

DO: Make Healthy Swaps

Learning how to substitute more nutritional foods will help increase your health score. The potato recipe on page 26 of our e-book, for example, swaps 100% white potatoes for a mixture of yukon gold and sweet potatoes (and man, are they delicious).

DON’T: Stand Near The Snacks

It’s time to mingle! Standing near the snacks and grazing can quickly put you over your calorie limit. Grab a small plate of snacks (don’t forget the veggies) and walk away. You’ll be happy you did.

Find more guidance in our free “A Healthier Thanksgiving” e-book.

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