7 Inspiring Podcasts For Your Workout

Maybe I’m the only one, but I get tired of listening to the same old songs on random shuffle – except when it comes to Girl Talk while working out. So, along with the rest of the country in late 2014, the Serial podcast reeled me in. This was my gateway podcast to all the podcasts. And, now, instead of listening to music during my work commute, I’m all about podcasts. Not only do they make time fly, they offer fresh perspectives or interesting twists on a wide range of topics. Not to mention all the cool things I’ve learned (who knew that’s how New York City’s sanitary sewer worked!)!

Here are a few of my favorite inspiring and thought-provoking podcasts currently on queue. They’re great listening on the treadmill, too!

1. Radiolab

This is my go-to podcast… “where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between sciences, philosophy, and human experience.” I always learn something fascinating from hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich.

2. Balanced Bites

Hosts Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe talk all things fitness and nutrition – from adrenal fatigue to food prep and cooking – on their podcast and offer “practical solutions for a healthy life.”

3. The School of Greatness

Host and former pro athlete Lewis Howes believes that anything is possible for anyone if they pursue it with 100 percent passion. His podcast will inspire you to pursue your dreams.

4. TED Radio Hour

This NPR + TED produced podcast is a journey through TED Talks, with each episode focused on a common theme. Host Guy Raz takes listeners through misconceptions, happiness, and the source of creativity, to name a few.

5. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Who doesn’t want to be happier?! Author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin, delivers practical advice about happiness and good habits.

6. On Being

Host Krista Tippet dives into “what does it means to be human, and how do we want to live?” This podcast will make you really think.

7. Death, Sex & Money

Host Anna Sale explores “the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation… and making it all count while we’re here.” Good listening right here. I recently found this episode incredibly intriguing.

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?

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