Healthier Date Night – 7 Ideas That Don’t Involve Dinner or a Movie

Nearly three years ago, I met my main squeeze at a stoplight. We were both biking, me on my road bike, him on this triathlon bike – the first of many healthy date nights. And, while many of our adventures involve two wheels, we also love spending time together doing other active activities – from yoga and swimming to rock climbing and camping.

In the dog days of summer, here are a few fun and active healthier date ideas for you and your main squeeze!

Healthy Date Night Ideas:

1. Biking

Hop on your bikes – or rent from your nearest shop – and cruise to your favorite restaurant for a healthy dinner al fresco. An hour of biking burns about 380 calories, so riding home is a great way to burn off a few of those dinner calories! Or, be tourists in your city; two wheels is a great way to explore and discover places you wouldn’t by car. Don’t forget your helmet!

2. Stand-up Paddleboard

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a perfect way to get out on the water on a warm summer day. Not only is it a blast, it’s also a fantastic workout; an hour burns about 250 calories. To really challenge your balance – or each other – try a little yoga on your board or see who can paddle across the lake the fastest!

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3. Lawn Games

Liven up an evening date with some lawn games! Bocce ball, bags, croquet, badminton, or Polish (ladder) golf are all fun options sure to bring lots of laughs while burning a few calories!

4. Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love a fun round of mini golf?! Get the (friendly) competitive juices flowing and challenge your partner to a round and burn about 100 calories an hour. Loser buys dinner!

5. Farmer’s Market

Switch it up with a morning date to your local farmers market. Grab a coffee or tea when you get there, and stroll hand-in-hand through the aisles of fresh produce. While you’re there, pick up some tasty goodness to make a healthy lunch!

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6. Outdoor Yoga

Yoga under the sun brings savasana to another relaxing level. Many communities offer outdoor yoga classes throughout the summer; check with a local studio to find a location. Or, simply unroll your mats next to each other in your backyard and flow through a sequence. It’s a lovely way to unwind after the day – and, 30 minutes of vinyasa yoga burns up to 130 calories.

7. Kayaking

Work together as a team kayaking out on the water. Pack a healthy lunch – make sure it’s in a waterproof container! – and stop ashore for a picnic. You’ll likely burn it off, as an hour of paddling burns close to 300 calories!

What’s your favorite healthy date night?

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