7 Great Moves to Burn Those Tail Feathers

glute bridges

Alright, people, it’s time to burn what your mama gave you! If you’re a regular on this blog, you’ve already read about our #BurnTheTurkey mission and accompanying thighs, wings, and breast workouts. I’m going to keep things movin’ by adding this awesome glute workout to burn your “tail feathers.”

Your glutes aren’t just a pretty muscle that we want to shape. Building them can increase stability, prevent knee pain, prevent back pain, and much more. Working the glutes is all about the mind. Slow down, focus, and really concentrate on the contraction and muscle fibers being used for max results. Squeeze that butt!

Kick-Butt Glutes Workout


Let’s kick this off with 2-3 sets of Side Steps. Place a resistance band (or versa loop) around your ankles and step side to side. Keep your toes facing forward and each set should include about 15 reps with each leg.

Circuit 1: 4 Rounds

Glute Bridges (15 reps, slow) – Lay on your back and add resistance bands around your knees before raising your butt off the floor.

Goblet Squats (12 reps) – Grab a medium-weighted kettlebell and hold it close to your chest. That front weight will work your lower back and also allow you to go down for a deeper squat. Squeeze your glutes on the way up.

Circuit 2: 4 Rounds

Lateral Lunges (10 reps, each leg) – Feel free to do a horizontal shoulder press with the weight while you do these lunges. We’re already working the butt; might as well throw some shoulders into the mix, too!

Single Leg Squat (10 reps, each leg) – My tip for these is to let your muscles relax when your butt hits the seat. Then, activate the glutes as you engage your legs to stand back up. If balancing is hard, place your other heel a few inches in front of your working leg and use it for assistance.

Plank with Slider Angels (20 reps) – Hold plank position and do 20 angels. This exercise works in some great, essential core attention, while wrapping up your set by hitting those glutes as well.


Let’s use Tabata timing here, which is 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 sec break.

The work: 2 Squat Jumps + 5-second Squat Holds

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Luke Andrus is a certified personal trainer, ACE health coach, writer, folk music drummer, husband, and a father. Most of his writing experience is in poetry and fictional short stories, and he also proposed to his wife with a self-published children's book. He is a Narnia nerd with a degree in History, a minor in English, and a semi-obsession with the French language. He believes that fitness is not just about vanity, but about lifestyle, integrity, and the ability to take control of your life.