7 Great Gifts That Will Get People Moving


Gift-giving can be tricky, even if you know the person really well. We’re living in an instant-gratification world, where purchases are just a click away, and people are spending even more time on their devices. But you can fight back! Here’s our list of a few fun gift ideas to get those young and old on their feet and burning calories in an interactive way. If you have your own ideas for gifts that would encourage others to be healthier without them focusing on it, we’d love to hear below.

SlackersNinja Warrior Accessories

Whether you’re an aspiring Ninja Warrior or active tike in training, there are a handful of fitness products available that are capitalizing on this show-stopping craze and letting you test your own limits at home. Slackers set you up with your own climbing rope that can be incorporated into an obstacle course. Cones, slanted steps, cargo nets, and official rigs can take your passion even farther and test your strength, coordination and balance. Just remember: use at your own risk!


You may have seen this game introduced on “Shark Tank“—or simply come across small groups (typically 2 vs. 2) jumping, diving, and hurling small yellow balls at a tiny net. If you’ve never played, think volleyball and handball combined. Watching others play is really the easiest way to figure it out. The great thing is it works for all ages. Play as aggressively as you’d like; you’re bound to get your heart racing no matter what! Learn more at spikeball.com.

trampolineChild Trampolines

If you’re trying to keep younger kids (3 and up) busy, away from the tv, and safely contained, a small trampoline with padded sides and an enclosure net could be just the thing you need. They come in a variety of sizes, available online and in-store. While most commonly used outdoors, they can work in a larger rec room or basement too, as the taught tramp and kids’ light weight doesn’t allow for super high jumping. It’s a great way to burn energy! Even younger kids can use a personal fitness trampoline with handle to practice their balance and coordination.

Hamster BallHuman Hamster Ball

That’s right: Who doesn’t love climbing into a fully-contained, inflatable world that can help you roll down a hill, play human bowling or float on water?! They’re pretty pricey ($600+), but the sheer novelty and entertainment value may be worth it to you. It’s a bit like Knockerball or inflatable soccer, only this is your friendlier, at-home variety typically done solo, where you do exactly like a hamster would—walk (or jog) in the ball. Have fun, and roll safe.

River RushKinect Adventures River Rush

Think controller-free, full-body movements. That’s the kind of video games we can get behind! While there are many active video games and other devices on the market, this one is played on the Xbox 360 Kinect and rated E for everyone. One or two players stand in a “raft” and lean, jump, and reach their way around adventurous scenes to collect diamonds in the sky. In a study by the University of Tennessee, young children actually expended more energy playing this game than during unstructured outdoor play. Thumbs up to that!

paddleboardStand Up Paddle Board

You don’t have to live on a body of water to find use for these boards! Transport them to a public lake, river or ocean and put your balance to the test. Boards come in a variety of sizes, weights, and colors, making them a great activity for all ages. Bonus: Fun meets fitness. It’s not as easy as it looks! You’ll find your entire body comes into play, and it especially engages your core.

hikingbootsHiking Boots

There’s a tool for every job (which can make things easier), and that motto applies to fitness. Whether you go with something from Under Armour‘s new stylish sportswear line or shop another store, there are some great utility meets fashion footwear options that make lacing up and hitting the trails even more fun and comfortable.

If you have any other active gift ideas, please share below!

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