7 Amazing Anytime Fitness Members Who Inspire and Motivate

Need a little inspiration to kickstart your fitness? Never fear, we’re fortunate to have thousands of members with amazing stories of courage, strength, and determination. Read on for that extra push you’re looking for!

1. AJ Ran Her First Marathon at Age 65


I’ve always wanted to complete a marathon. Anytime Fitness provided me with the best personal trainer. He was patient, yet challenged me at the same time. He understood my goal and wanted to prepare me for the long run. Needless to say, I completed my first marathon at the age of 65.

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2. Matthew is on His Way Back to Marine Corps Condition


I started going to the gym since February and have felt right at home with no judgment from any staff or other members. I have lost a remarkable 40 pounds since then and am on my way back to a six pack and being back in my Marine Corps condition.

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3. Marie Got Healthy Again After Family Tragedy


Affter a 5 year battle, I lost my husband to lung cancer from his military service connected disability. My health had declined from the stress of the care giving. Then, I joined Anytime Fitness in my town. I slowly lost all of the extra weight and 2 sizes I had gained over the past few years, had more energy and now feel like a new person.

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4. Charlie Got a Second Chance and Lost 200 Pounds


Three years ago I walked in to Anytime Fitness, on crutches, taking 8 medications, and full of self pity. I wasn’t able to see my feet below my 400+ pound frame. Now, almost 200 lbs lighter, at age 60, I have found my new self.

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5. Carie Lost Weight and Pursued Her Dream of Being a Teacher


Since joining Anytime Fitness, I have lost 110 pounds and feel like I have gotten my life back. At the age of 38 I went back to college and am happy to say that next spring I will graduate college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Elementary Education.

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6. Andy Went from Overweight to Elite Trail Runner


At age 39, I weighed 255 lbs and experienced daily headaches, back and joint pain, and was taking medication for high blood pressure. I was so inspired by the trainers and members and their personal stories. After two years at AF I have lost nearly 100 pounds.

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7. Catherine Belonged to Dozens of Gyms Before She Found Herself


From the first time I set foot in the door, I felt a connection. I didn’t just find a gym, I found a community focused on empowering people. My inhibitions melted away, as did the layers that had formed over years of failed attempts.

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