6 Wellbeats Classes You Should Try Next Time at the Gym

Engaging in exercise programs led by a qualified instructors has its advantages. Most importantly, you can rest assured the chosen exercises and their sequencing will be safe and effective. But, at times you may find it challenging to line up your personal schedule with your club’s to take advantage of the live programming available. Enter virtual group training.

Many clubs use technology (a kiosk and projector) to provide an easy-to-access, 24-hour group fitness schedule!

Next time you run into the Wellbeats kiosk at your Anytime Fitness, check out these great classes to get started.

1. Kinetics – Fast N’ Furious

This high energy workout (HIIT training) combines 60 seconds of resistance training with 30 seconds of high intensity sport-style cardio intervals. This no-nonsense workout is a fan favorite because it pushes your limits and torches calories.

2. eXpress Wildcard  COMBUSTION

If you’re short on time, eXpress programs are the way to go. Combustion pushes your limits to increase strength and endurance in less than half an hour! The workout combines eccentric muscle overload and high intensity cardio intervals to maximize time and results.

3. TKO – Punch, Kick, and Move

This martial arts inspired workout gives you a quick sweat through a series of punches, knee strikes, kicks, and body-weight conditioning exercises. The workout is a great cardio challenge because it’s non-stop action.

4. Vibe – Get Your Thang On

Vibe programs are multi-dimensional dance-based classes that get your heart rate up while having a blast; you won’t even know you’re working out! “Get Ur Thang On” will have you moving, grooving and putting your own flavor, or “thang,” on every Vibe move you do in 20 minutes. This is more than a workout out… it’s a WORK IT!!

5. Fusion – Sans Barre

Fusion programs are invigorating and revitalizing. Sans Barre is the perfect integration of total-body yoga and Pilates – a sculpting routine infused with elements of classic barre training, minus the barre, challenging your core stability, balance and flexibility at the same time.


6. STOMP – High Rise Step

If you loved it the ’90s, you’ll love it now. STOMP takes step to new heights by adding an extra riser to push your cardio limits. You’ll see a difference in your lower body shape plus burn a TON more calories!

Of course, these six titles merely scratch the surface of what’s available on Wellbeats.

Spend some time checking out the class categories (Fusion, Stomp, Vibe, Rev, Kinetics, TKO, Transitions, Definitions and Express) to find a workout that matches your needs. Then experiment and enjoy!

Image via Wellbeats

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Shannon Fable, 2013 IDEA and 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year, is the VP of Fitness Programming for the FIT4MOM® franchise. For more than two decades, she has helped impressive brands such as Anytime Fitness, Schwinn®, Power Systems, ACE, Silver Sneakers, and BOSU® as a fitness business and programming consultant. An experienced educator, freelance writer, and certified Book Yourself Solid® Business Coach, she helps fitness entrepreneurs navigate the industry and make more money. Fable serves as Vice Chair of the ACE Board of Directors and is the founder and co-owner of GroupEx PRO®, a cloud-based group fitness management tool.