6 Health Articles We Loved and Read This Week

How to Complete a Chin Up: 9 Tips to Pull Yourself Over the Bar
from Your Trainer Paige

If you’ve wanted to complete a chin up, then these 9 tips will help you get there. Paige gives some great advice and motivation for both men and women – and with a little work, you’ll be able to do it!

Recipe: Quinoa Black Bean Bowl with Blood Orange Sriracha Vinaigrette
from Eating Bird Food

Brittany from Eating Bird Food provides the perfect recipe to get all of your veggies and healthy grains in one package! This meal is perfect for a satisfying lunch. Give it a try this weekend.

Read Between the Lines: Not all Health Blogs are Created Equal
from Nutrition Unplugged

This is a great PSA from Nutrition Unplugged’s Janet about how not all health blogs are created equal. Lately, a lot of spam bots have been lifting content and posting it as their own – so make sure to check an article’s sources.

Balancing Act: The Busy Gals Guide to Fitting in Fitness
from the Chalkboard Mag

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. But that doesn’t mean you should cut out your fitness routine instead of crossing off other to-dos. Use the tips from the Chalkboard Mag to figure out when you can fit your workout in… even during those busy days. #NoExcuses

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss
from Appetite for Health

Losing weight is hard enough, let alone avoiding breakfast buffets, desserts, and many other weekend treats. These tips and meal ideas are perfect for anyone trying to lose weight or eat healthier.

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