55 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

Losing weight can be challenging. Where do you start? When do you start? How exactly do you lose weight?So we compiled 55 of our favorite tips to help you lose weight. Try starting with a few that are easily attainable and then work your way up!

Our Favorite Weight Loss Tips

  1. Stand more, sit less.
  2. Motivate yourself with goal rewards such as a trip or a new pair of pants.
  3. Turn your daily commute into an exercise opportunity by walking, biking, or rollerblading.
  4. Take the stairs.
  5. Eat out one less meal per week.
  6. Shop at your local farmer’s market for fresh produce.
  7. Keep an active food journal.
  8. Pack your own lunch everyday.
  9. Put your fork down between bites – you could even try using chopsticks.
  10. Drink more water.
  11. Meditate to increase mindfulness.
  12. Play outside with your kids.
  13. Find an accountability partner or workout buddy.
  14. Get more sleep.
  15. sleep-during-race-training

  16. Eat less refined sugar.
  17. Eat only when you’re hungry and stop before you feel full.
  18. Use smaller plates and bowls.
  19. Chew sugar free gum between meals or snacks.
  20. Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely).
  21. Schedule a visit with a dietitian or nutritionist.
  22. Start meal planning.
  23. Integrate strength training into your workout regimen as muscle burns more calories.
  24. Identify times when you’re vulnerable to emotional eating (like when you’re stressed) and create an action plan to combat this habit.
  25. Spice up your meals to add sweetness and flavor rather than smothering foods in heavy sauces or dips.
  26. Give up soda all together.
  27. Make screen time and eating two separate activities.
  28. Pack your own emergency snacks like nuts or fresh fruits and veggies to avoid the vending machine.
  29. Skip the whole milk or creamer for your coffee and use fat free milk instead.
  30. Learn how to read nutrition labels.
  31. Engage in group fitness classes with people that have similar goals.
  32. Select lean sources of protein like turkey, fish, or chicken.
  33. Consume more foods rich in fiber that make you feel full.
  34. Swap plain Greek yogurt for sour cream or cream cheese.
  35. Eat mostly whole grain foods.
  36. how-to-cut-a-pepper-in-40-seconds

  37. Aim to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.
  38. Mix up your workout regimen – don’t do the same exercise everyday.
  39. Go for the healthy fats like coconut oil, nuts, and avocados over those found in processed foods.
  40. Ask for a box right away when eating at a restaurant to portion out your meal when it’s delivered to the table.
  41. Reward yourself with non-food items.
  42. Avoid absolute hunger – eat regular meals and snacks so thoughtful, healthy choices can be made.
  43. Invest in a tracking device like a Nike Fuel Band or Fitbit.
  44. Treat yourself to new gear that you can only wear when working out.
  45. Join a weight loss support group.
  46. Avoid comparing yourself to others – everybody and every BODY is different.
  47. post-workout-fueling-run-race

  48. Establish a pattern of eating and working out and stick with it.
  49. Socialize with individuals that build you up (and not break down) to reach your weight loss goals.
  50. Have some quantitative way to measure your weekly progress, be it on a scale or with a tape measure.
  51. Steer clear of following fad diets – there’s a reason they’re called “fad.”
  52. Eat whole foods and avoid processed.
  53. Be patient. Change happens slowly so take one thing at a time – no need to overwhelm yourself and set yourself up for failure.
  54. Enhance your cooking skills by taking a cooking class focused on healthy eating.
  55. Remember variability and moderation – eat smaller portions of different types of foods.
  56. Make exercise a social activity.
  57. Aim for 1-2 pounds per week for healthy, sustainable weight loss.
  58. Cut down on calories without eliminating foods or entire food categories all together.

What’s your #1 weight loss tip?

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Carly Sippel is a registered yoga teacher, certified life coach, and nutrition nut. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Dietetics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She turns her passion into practice, promoting healthy bodies in both her personal and professional life.