5 Awesome TRX Workouts We Love

TRX Warrior Dash Workout

The TRX has made a HUGE splash in the health and fitness world in recent years and has proven with itself with its functional mechanics, simplicity, and effectiveness. The TRX has a great amount of potential, so your best bet when trying to expand on your TRX knowledge is to take the role of taste-tester; sample everything you can and revisit the ones you like!

In any case here are 5 of my favorite TRX workouts!

1. The Beginner’s Guide to TRX Suspension Training

This article is the PERFECT start point for anybody looking for a breakdown as to what exactly makes the TRX so amazing while leaving you with basic-yet-challenging starting exercises so that you don’t feel like you’re in over your head!

2. TRX Core 500 Workout


This killer workout takes 5 TRX essentials and challenges you to master them with a format that makes it easy to watch progress skyrocket!

3. 8 Advanced TRX Exercises to Build Strength

This excellent articles brings you through step by step (video tutorials included) how to do these advanced TRX maneuvers that will enhance not just your strength but your balance, functionality, and agility as well!

4. Drew Brees TRX Shoulder Circuit


A 9 minute video is a literal coaching session from one of the best in the business that will leave you appropriately battered and with strong-like-bull delts to show for it!

5. TRX Legsanity

Brought to you by yours truly this leg orientated workout will leave you walking like a newborn baby giraffe and stronger than you were before at the same time. All exercises are modifiable from beginner to advanced on this one!

BONUS: 45 Insanely Effective TRX Exercises

This database of awesome TRX exercises gives you a full breakdown of each exercise including pictures, level of difficulty, and step by step instruction. Bookmark this bad boy quick!!

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