5 Things Teachers Can Teach Us All About Fitness

Ahhhhh, September. Kids are back in school and it’s time to return to some sort of normalcy. The days of squirt guns, impromptu visits to the zoo, and big BBQs are over. It’s time for a routine, and fitting fitness into that plan takes some effort. Always running from one thing to the next—it’s tough! Before you break out your calendar and plan an attack, rewind back to when you were sitting at school behind a desk. Your teacher would tell you these same 5 things.

It’s Okay to Ask Questions

Don’t know where to start? Searching for tips on how to stay motivated? Wondering how you can measure success? THAT IS OKAY! Just like in school, you aren’t expected to know all of the answers. Your Anytime Fitness family is here to help, and asking questions is encouraged.


Hard Work Pays Off

It’s no secret that hard work leads to improvement and success. And inherent talent isn’t enough. Teachers understand that some students can be exceptionally gifted, but in the end may fail for being too lazy. If you want something really badly, you must be willing to work equally hard for it. Getting to a healthier place is no exception.


Teamwork Brings Great Reward

Teamwork is a major and valuable life skill taught in every school. Schools provide this opportunity for children to work together and achieve something so they register the benefits, challenges, and ultimate rewards of working teamwork. Keep that in mind on your fitness journey. Grab a buddy and your time at the gym will fly by! Not to mention, if you make plans to meet a friend at the gym, you are less likely to skip your workout.


You Can Become Anything You Want

Supportive teachers tell their students that they have the potential to become anything they desire. YOU are no exception, and with the help of those around you, you can achieve anything. Check out MyAnytimeStory.com to see the amazing transformations and victories that occur in our clubs every day. You could be next!


Never Stop Learning

Like your school days, there’s no straight path to health success; it is a crooked and curvy line. Luckily, with countless new opportunities, nutrition guidance, exercises, programs, machinery, and more, there are endless ways to learn and change up your routine. Use the resources around you as well as this blog to stay on top of the latest trends so that you can change things up regularly and maintain interest and drive toward your goals.


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