5 Fun New Exercises to Get Out of a Gym Rut

Medicine Ball

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the air is perfect for a good run, and the snow has melted (well, for most). But your gym routine may feel stale. It’s time for some new exercises!

If there’s one thing I know about fitness, it’s that we need to change it up every once in a while. And I’m not talking about muscle confusion. I’m talking about having some flat out fun! It’s hard enough to motivate ourselves to do something we dislike. Fitness should be an adventure, and an exploration of our will and our physical limits. Something that should never be mundane.

So here are five unique exercises that will hopefully challenge you and give you something fresh to add to the library. Give it a go, and don’t expect ease or perfection. Have fun!

5 New Exercises to Try

Buddy Burpee Toss

I know what you’re thinking: Burpee’s are not fun! This is a scam! Retreat! Retreat! But if this is done with a good buddy in a great atmosphere, you can definitely make it fun. For buddy burpees, grab a medicine ball that is fairly light. Do your burpee, and when you are coming to a stand, grab the ball on your way and bring it to your chest. Then toss it to your buddy when ready and he or she will bring it down and repeat. You can also try to have fun with the reps. Do something like a pyramid, where you both do one rep, followed by two, followed by three, and so on.

High-Low Farmer’s Carry

This is one of my favorite core and shoulder exercises. Grab a kettlebell and lock it over your head, while engaging your core; grab the other kettlebell and let it hang to your side. Walk a lap around the gym and then switch sides. For the arm holding the kettlebell overhead, make sure to keep your elbow locked the entire time.

KB Leg Mobility Complex

This particular movement is from our good friends over at Alloy Training Solutions. It is INCREDIBLE for getting the heart rate going and working your quads, back, shoulders, and biceps. Not only will it give you a great workout, but it will help with flexibility in your hips and hamstrings.

For this movement, grab the kettlebell by the handle with the bell side up. Hold it to your chest and squat down. At the bottom of your squat, place the bell of the kettlebell down to the ground, extend your knees to a hamstring stretch (much like a toe touch), and then lift the kettlebell back to your chest. Then complete the squat.

Slider Angels

For this great core and hip movement, get in plank or push-up position with sliders underneath your toes. Hold plank position, spread your legs, and then clap your heels.

Flying Burpees

Alright, I’ll just come out and say it: These aren’t that fun. But it’s still a great new challenge to add to your routine! This one is a burpee with a pull-up (when you stand up). If pull-ups are too tough for you, you can just jump up and grab the pull-up bar.

Comment with your favorite new exercise and let us know how you did it!

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Luke Andrus is a certified personal trainer, ACE health coach, writer, folk music drummer, husband, and a father. Most of his writing experience is in poetry and fictional short stories, and he also proposed to his wife with a self-published children's book. He is a Narnia nerd with a degree in History, a minor in English, and a semi-obsession with the French language. He believes that fitness is not just about vanity, but about lifestyle, integrity, and the ability to take control of your life.