5 Efficient Ways to Burn Those Wings

Arm Curl

The holiday season is in full swing, and we all want to look and feel our best as we hit up extra social and family events. Focusing on your arms is a great idea because the toning and definition will give you added confidence while wearing your holiday duds, and there are lots of ways to burn good calories. So let’s #BurnTheTurkey together and treat ourselves this year by adding some lean stuffing to our turkey wings!

Coaching tip: I suggest supersetting your arm exercises to ensure your biceps and triceps are hit upon equally. (A superset combines two separate movements back-to-back, with little to no rest. A full set is complete when all repetitions of both movements are finished.) Incorporating supersets will encourage physical balance, while also allowing you to maximize your total caloric expenditure in minimal time. That efficiency is extra handy this busy time of year! Form wise, be sure to focus on the squeeze at the top of each movement, while controlling the bottom. Let’s get goin’!

5 Superset Arm Exercises

1. Cable Bicep Curl + Cable Tricep Push-Down

Perform a bicep curl by using the straight bar attachment and setting the cables at the lowest point. Then keep your elbows stationary by your sides and curl up. After completing your curl reps, transition to the tricep push-down by setting the cables higher, with the bar about chest level. Push down while keeping your elbows stationary to focus more on the back of your arm.


2. Preacher Curls + Diamond Push-Ups

Hang your arms over the preacher pad and use your elbows as the pivot point, so that the peak of your bicep is being worked. Curl up and repeat. After completion, stand up and bring your hands to the pad to form a diamond, move your feet back, and while focusing your weight on your palms, angle your push-up down toward your hands and then push up to focus on the longer head of your tricep.


3. Hammer Curls + Tricep Kickbacks

Hold dumbbells at your side, with the heads of the dumbbells pointing forward, and curl up. This will stimulate the width of your bicep. Transition into tricep kickbacks by slightly bending over with your hips back. Row your arms up (behind you), while keeping your elbows stationary, and kick back in a skiing motion to focus on the inside of the tricep.


4. Cable Overhead Extension + Reverse Push-Downs

This is a great tricep finisher! Hold the straight bar behind your head with it set at the highest point on the cables. While leaning forward, push straight out and repeat. After completing, lower the bar to chest level and perform a tricep push-down with your palms facing up.


5. TRX Curls + Battle Ropes

Now on to finishing your biceps! Set the TRX so that you can comfortably support all of your body weight. With you arms out, curl toward your face and repeat. Step closer to the TRX attachment for increased difficulty. As you finish your TRX curls, transition to the battle ropes. Perform a battle rope wave in a balanced, athletic position with your hips back and both arms going up and down together.

arm exercises

Take a pic or video of yourself doing this workout Nov. 12-30, 2015 and share it with the #BurnTheTurkey hashtag to help feed America!

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Ethan Smoorenburg is a 2015 Universe Welterweight Bodybuilding Champion, powerlifter, personal trainer, and writer working as a manager at Anytime Fitness in Lafayette, LA. He discovered his passion for writing at the age of eight when his poem “Spiders Everywhere” was published in his school’s newsletter. He is equal parts Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Scott, combining humor and wellness to create and encourage a balanced lifestyle. Ethan has a degree in English with a minor in Communications and believes that if you want to change the world, you must first be the example of the change you want to see.