5 Amazing Anytime Fitness Members Who Lost 100+ Pounds

Losing weight isn’t easy. These members could tell you that! But beyond the feeling of success from losing weight, these members have discovered many of the specific health benefits of weight loss.

Some no longer need medications, others are able to walk the stairs without losing their breath, and some even find themselves completing bucket list items that they thought were impossible. Now discover the stories of these five amazing members!

1. Saving My Life, One Pound At A Time

Brittany, at age 25, was told by her doctor that she was at risk of a heart attack because of her high cholesterol and blood pressure. She was afraid if she didn’t change her life she would die.

This made me depressed and scared. I confided in my family and close friends to come up with a plan to save my life. I finally decided to join the gym, and choose a diet that met my needs and things I did enjoy. The first three weeks were the hardest, but I pushed through and then I was determined.

After a year of this new life plan, she had lost 100 lbs. Plus her doctor’s appointment, she was normal in both blood pressure and high cholesterol! Way to go Brittany!

2. Back From The Dead

Jayson found himself rapidly approaching 400 pounds in the summer of 2013. He was was on blood-pressure medicine and sleeping with a C-PAP due to sleep apnea. He found himself realizing he was going to die or change.

So on July 1, 2013, I began a journey that would help me return from the dead by doing the work myself. I started walking slowly. Then I started running for 30 seconds at a time, then minutes at a time. I was empowered as the weight came off and energized by the fact I could go to the gym at 4 a.m. (yes, I did that) or midnight (yep, had to do that, too) to keep my journey moving ahead.

After less than one year, Jayson has dropped 156 pounds! He completed a half marathon in April of 2014. We knew you had it in your Jayson!

3. Loving The New, Happy And Healthy Me

Kathleen had been overweight her entire adult life. She couldn’t walk without breaking a sweat or getting out of breath. And playing with her four year old son was simply out of the question. But because of her son, she knew things had to change.

When Anytime Fitness opened in my neighborhood I decided to give it a try. I was very nervous when I first stepped in the door. I thought I would get judgmental looks from the other members and I would be too big to use the equipment. I had never been so wrong!

She started working out and eating healthier and dropped down to 180 pounds, a 220 pound weight loss! She loves shopping and playing with her son. Kathleen, you go girl!

4. Sticking Around For My Son

Mike had congestive heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and edema. He was taking 13 prescription medications per day. The doctors gave him 6 years to live.

Today, I am 218 pounds, 13 lbs from my goal weight of 205. The only pill I take is a vitamin. My energy level is incredible, and I am back to work. I have lost 102% of the weight recommended by my doctor. As of April 25, 2014, I am no longer diabetic!

Mike and his teenage son are now working out together and making physical activity a priority. Fitness is now a family affair.

5. Lost Weight And Pursued My Dream

Before Carie joined Anytime Fitness she had four kids she couldn’t keep up with, zero self-confidence, and knee issues.

Since joining the gym, I have lost 110 pounds and feel like I have gotten my life back. I have tons of energy to play with my kids and have developed a confidence that I have never known before! I went back to college to get the teaching degree that I have always wanted to get but never had the confidence to pursue.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a big part of her family’s life now and my children even like to work out with me!

What’s your Anytime story?

Share it below in the comments!


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