4 Alternative Standing Desks Already in Your Office

You sit at your desk, you sit at lunch, you sit during meetings, you sit during your commute – it’s time to stand up for your health!

An office job can be great, but too much sitting can be hard on your body.

And, did you know that sitting is the new smoking? Great, right? Well, instead of sitting all day, implement one of these options to unleash your standing potential. Standing, even for an hour a day, will help you live a healthier life. Here are four ways to work standing up!

1. The File Cabinet Standing Desk

Image by Joshua Nunn

Every office has file cabinets. Find one that suits your height and relocate for an hour (if you have a laptop).

If you want the health benefits of a standing desk, but you have zero budget to buy or build one, you’re out of luck. Unless, of course, you use a little ingenuity to repurpose some file cabinets.

See more: Proper Height of a Standing Desk

2. Books and Boxes Standing Desk

Image via Apartment Therapy

This isn’t an ideal long-term solution, but it works in a pinch. Grab a few stacks of books and some paper boxes, and you’ll have a standing desk that works on most surfaces.

3. Cubicle Standing Desk


Our PR Manager, Erin (along with many Anytime Fitness HQ employees) have opted to convert their cubicles to standing desks. Contact your building manager to see if you can convert your cubicle to a standing desk.

4. Bookshelf Standing Desk

Image by Offbeat Home

Along with file cabinets (see above), most offices have bookshelves that can convert into a standing desk. The key: Make sure the bookshelf works with your height. If that doesn’t work, try our bonus option (which does require a bit of cash and IKEA).

Bonus: $31 DIY Standing Desk

Image by The Imaginary Zebra

Don’t have anything available at your office to make your standing desk? That’s fine! Head to your local IKEA with $31 and purchase Lack side tables, brackets, and a shelf. Follow the tutorial in the link above to create your standing desk.


Photo credit: Jessica Allen

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