7 Fun Fitness Inspired Halloween Costumes

fitness halloween costumes

The key to a great Halloween is finding an exciting costume and playing your character to perfection. So use some muscle and vitalize your fitness passion with one of these fitness-inspired costumes. You’re sure to get a laugh or a “nice!”

1. Hans and Franz

We’re going to PUMP… you UP! Hey guys, grab your lifting buddy and go as Hans and Franz! This costume couldn’t be more comfortable either! You just need sweat pants, sweat shirt, a belt, and lifting gloves. If you really want to get into it, head to your local costume shop to find some muscle inserts- or ROCK YOUR OWN!

2. Game of Thrones

Image Credit: IAN DERRY for EW


Need a group costume? Look no further! You can’t deny that these characters could kick our butts! Think of all the swordfighting and long and grueling journeys during war! No, we can’t deny they’re ready for battle. These costumes could be quite easy for the ladies, while a little more difficult for the gents. Let it be said though, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!

3. The Incredibles

Your family is incredible, so why not show it. These action heros came back from being out of shape and saved the world! Save your neighborhood by rocking these costumes and a brave attitude!

4. A Referee

Need a quick and easy costume on a budget? This one is perfect (though prepare to pay for that mistaken call you made on Sunday). You’ll need to find a pair of black pants, black belt, and a striped shirt. Oh, don’t forget the whistle!

5. Your favorite sports player

If you know you can pull off the perfect Peyton Manning, this is the option for you! Of course, you can choose any player from whatever team you’d like! And I’m going to take a wild guess that you might already have the jersey…TOUCHDOWN!

6. Yogi

This costume will probably win the comfort award. You’ll need a pair of yoga pants, a yoga tank, hair in a pony, and your yoga mat bag! Done. You are now a Halloween yogi. The trick here is to walk around talking in yoga terms like… “Namaste!”

7. Alice from Resident Evil

Image Credit: Collider.com

Let’s get real, this girl is crazy in shape. And why wouldn’t she be? Zombie killing, expert fighting machine… she is the perfect Halloween costume for you to show off your awesomeness!

What’s your all-time favorite costume for Halloween?

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